READ: Netizens React On Jollibee’s Valentine’s Videos

Have you seen Jollibee’s new ads?

For this year’s Valentine’s, Jollibee aimed to highlight different types of love more than the usual kilig stories. Through three-minute clips, they celebrated never-ending love, unconditional love and the kind of love that doesn’t give up easily.

But hey, people all over the Internet lost it after watching the said tear-jerking and “feels”-inducing series of videos that the well-loved food chain released a few hours ago.

Here are our favorite reactions that will surely make you laugh and feel.

Did you feel the same way too?

If the Jollibee videos were MMK stories, I guess the titles would be “burger”, “spaghetti” and “Chickenjoy”.

I guess, now, all we really need is a hug from Jollibee to make us all feel better!

How all of us looked like after watching the last video.

This, too.

Eating Chickenjoy might take the pain away. What do you think?

From 1 to Jollibee, gano kasakit?

Group hug, guys!

Don’t forget the burger with a note!

..and the question we are all asking right now. Jollibee, tell us, who hurt you?

Jollibee’s secret recipe leaked!

We know you raised your hand too!

Aminin, you re-watched them all naman!


Service water ka na lang, besh.

Yes, please!

But then, most people also learned a thing or two from the videos.

This guy tho. #priorities

I guess there’s only one thing left to do. Tara, Jollibee with the people we love?

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