READ: Netizen Writes A Letter to MRT Officials to “Fix The Trains”

A Netizen wrote a letter to MRT Officials begging for them to fix the trains immediately. Whether we like it or not, the MRT is so far, the most (in) convenient transportation commuters have at the moment.

As stated by the netizen who shared her story on Social Media, the incident happened last January 17, 2016, between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM, when “the middle trailer of the train burst into flames”, which made a commotion among passengers. She said that when people saw the smoke and smelt the burnt wires, people screamed and ran towards the fire exit. She also thought the train was going to explode at any time. Hence, they ran in the same direction.mrt explosion

Unfortunately, her friend inadvertently let go of her hand, so she tripped and got trampled on by other passengers. As a result, she got banged up.

mrt explosion

Here’s the full caption to her story:

Dear MRT and it’s governing body,

I have been your client since I went to Metro Manila to study. To give a more specific date, June 2005.

The train was very convenient for me since I spend time with my family in Batangas almost every weekend, it was easier for me to go by EDSA without the famous heavy traffic. Plus, I worked near MOA while I live in Pasig and take the train every now and then.

In spite of the news I’ve heard, I still find the train functional and safe. But that was changed yesterday night (January 17, 2016) between 9:30pm to 10:00pm.

THE MIDDLE TRAILER OF THE TRAIN BURST INTO FLAMES causing the thick smoke lurk in Magallanes station,or so I heard.

Nasa unang trailer kasi ako, which is the ladies’ section of the train. What I saw was the the heavy smoke at the far end of the train, people running towards the fire exit; smelled burnt electric wires and screamsof people in panic.

Senti and I immediately ran towards the fire exit with the crowd thinking that the train will explode any second.

Pero dahil na din sa panic, nabitawan niya ang kamay ko and I tripped. I got stepped on by the folks running and true enough, akala ko ma-i-stampede ang peg ko.

Naisip ko agad ang daddy ko, paano na siya kung mamamatay ako, my dogs -who were waiting for us at home, ang Ninang at si Andrew, ang Inay ko; ang mga pamangkin ko; paano pa ako makakapag maid of honor sa kasal ng bestfriend ko; si Senti at mga pangarap namin.

So instinct told me to protect my head, I have to stay awake! So I covered it with my arms and waited for the crowd to pass.

As a result, I had a lot of bruises even in the parts that I can’t take a photo with but just the same, I LIVED! Thank you LORD!

What I am trying to say is, please fix your trains! People will die because of you! Please! People will not really mind paying a lot for fare as long as they are safe!

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MRT stampede

New Maintenance Concessionaire

The Department of Transportation and Communications or DOTC confirmed that the 3-year MRT maintenance contract was given to a Korean-Filipino group last year. The said group shall fulfill the general maintenance requirements of MRT3 for 3 years, beginning January 5, 2016.

What does a P 3.81-billion contract cover:

  • Covers general overhaul of the trains
  • Replacement of the signaling systems

I am assuming rehabilitation of the public restrooms, escalators, etc., are included in the said maintenance contract.

So, hopefully, the new maintenance team will do their very best to fix our trains.

What can you say about her letter to the MRT Officials? Do you think they would read and pay attention? Share your thoughts below!