READ: Netizen speaks up on what happened between the MAPA officer and Pedestrian

Circulating on the Internet yesterday was the video of an altercation between a Makati Parking Authority or MAPA and a pedestrian, who was allegedly crossing the street without regard to approaching traffic (jaywalking).

MAPA guy altercation

Screenshot from the video uploaded by Top Gear Philippines Facebook.

The Netizens picked it up fast and was shared drastically online despite it showing only one side of the story. Others shared it as they thought no one is allowed to hurt someone physically, regardless of the situation.

As fate would have it, a courageous Netizen “spoke up” on what really happened in the video. He said that he wanted to remain silent about the incident but, the post has gone viral and many have speculated and commented without knowing the real story. He further stated on a quick online chat with him, that it would be better for him to voice out his opinion about the said incident.

Here’s what happened according to Floi Wycoco:

We were also granted permission by Floi himself to use the photo, words, and share the content with our readers.

This incident happened yesterday along H.V Dela Costa beside RCBC Plaza. Ayoko na sanang magpost pero since nag viral na in different Facebook pages ang video nila and a lot of people are commenting without knowing the whole story maybe better if I will also voice out my opinion about what happened.

Naging taga-awat kasi ako sa dalawang nag-away (The MAPA traffic enforcer and si kuya na naka-orange) dahil lang sa init ng ulo nilang dalawa. (I was there to pacify the two hot-headed men)

MAPA vs pedestrian

Floi said that it was a woman who took this photo, so she really cannot stand between the fight.

Nakakadisappoint isipin kasi first of may violation yung kuya na naka-orange.

He was informed by the MAPA enforcer to go back and wait until it is right to cross the lane. Si Kuyang naka orange since mainitin ang ulo tumawid na at duon nagsimula ang sagutan nila. Sa harapan namin halos nagsisigawan yung dalawa pero based sa pagkakita ko naunang aggresive na gumalaw yung MAPA enforcer to which dahil mali naman yung naka-orange since minumura nya na yung MAPA. Malamang nagpintig yung tenga nung MAPA and since pagkatao nya na ang jinujudge nung tao eh hindi na sya nakapag-pigil.
After few seconds, nagsimula na silang magsuntukan duon sa part ng RCBC Plaza. Walang umaawat kahit yung MAPA enforce na nahagip na nasa picture na ito tawag lang ng tawag sa radyo imbes na unahin na pag-awatin yung dalaw. Worst, yung mga taong naka witness nanonood lang sa pangyayari.

Nakakalungkot.. Nakakadismaya..

Bakit kelangan manood lang? Para makakuha ng video at maipost sa social media?

Are we that uncivilized people to the point that we rather just watch and let these two kill each other? Nasaan yung pagiging Pilipino natin na matulungin?

Eto kasi ang nakasanayan ko nuong OFW ako. Ang alam ko ang mga Pinoy matulungin sa kapwa Pinoy nya pero pag nasa sariling bayan mo na pala ikaw- walang Pinoy-Pinoy away kung away..

The “Me” first mentality na hindi marunong pumila, magtiis sa pila, maghintay, maghintay kung pwede ng tumawid basta dapat makauna sa iba..

Is this what being a Filipino define us today?

Eto na ang epekto ng social media, mas gustong kuhanan ng mga tao ang nangyayari kesa gumawa ng paraan na maayos ang problema.

So sino ang may kasalanan sa away nila?

To be honest, yung dalawang yan e masyadong mainitin ang ulo so magkasuhan silang dalawa kung gusto nila pero hindi na sana lalala pa ang away na yan kung inunang umawat ng mga tao na nakakita. Pero mas inuna ang makakuha ng video kesa mas unahin ang umawat sa pagkakagulo.

See reference of the now viral video here by Topgear PH

Iniwan ko na ang dalawang yan kasi akala ko tapos na ang suntukan nila without me knowing na nag part 2 na suntukan na pala sila. Very disappointing kasi tapos na sana yung away nila e kung hindi lang inuna ng mga tao sa paligid ang pagkuha ng video e d sana wala na yan.

Kaya siguro may ibang mga kababayan natin ang ayaw ng umuwi sa sariling bayan dahil masyado ng magulo sa bayan na ito. Masyadong nagkakanya-kanya ang mga tao kahit nakakasakit na at kahit sobra na…

There you go, everyone. We heard it straight from the person who was physically present during the fight. I have to agree with him, though, that people nowadays would rather capture the moment than to be “in the moment.”

While evidence is important in situations like this, the solution remains our top priority.

With all honesty, how would you react in the said situation?