READ: Netizen Shares Story of People Leaving Trash in Baguio Forest Reservation

Netizen Shares Story of People Leaving Trash in Forest Reservation

It’s easy to take nature for granted when you live in the concrete jungle, but if you live in a country or city where nature is prioritized, you feel protective of the trees and other greens around you. Which explains why there was an uproar in Baguio when a popular developer uprooted pine trees to make space for a mall. Indeed, Baguio is home to hiking trails, parks, gardens, making it paradise for nature lovers.

One netizen shared a story about how upset she was that a group of people didn’t seem to care about preserving Baguio’s environment.

According to Irene C.:

Dec 23, My friend and I saw an SUV that suddenly stopped, gumilid naman, in Loakan Road. It just so happens that we were standing on the other side of the road waiting for a taxi.

We were just a few meters away. The baby was vomiting because of the trip. Okay, they cleaned the baby and used plenty of tissue. I already had a feeling that they will leave all those trash, true enough, they did! Beside a forest reservation! They were about 7-8 people in the car, but nobody thought of putting it in a plastic bag and taking it with them? Worse, bumalik pa yung isang girl sa car to get more trash para isama sa mga naunang tinapon [Worse, one girl even went back to the car to get more trash and include it in the heap]. They can see how clean and green that area was, but still they left their garbage beside the forest. They were looking at us and I was giving them the “Take your shit with you” look. I’m not saying all tourists are like that, Baguio is far from perfectly clean but, this is for everyone. Respect our hometownand the hometown of othersas well. Let’s take care of Mother Earth. God gave us this world to live in, but we take it for granted and destroy it.

However, Irene insists that she wrote the post not to shame anyone, but to encourage people to be more careful about where they put their trash.

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