READ: Netizen Shares Experience How Some Filipinos Have a Hard Time Following Airport/Airline Rules and Regulations

Airports, regardless of the country, is probably the busiest place on earth. Every minute, every hour, there’s always departing and arriving from different parts of the world.

I’m not a traveler but I’ve had my fair share of disappointing observations at the airport, as well. Surprisingly enough, what this netizen shared on Facebook was nothing but the truth.

A netizen by the name of Mikey del Rosario took his disappointment on some Filipinos who have a hard time following simple instructions.

NAIA terminal 1

According to his post, he narrated a scenario where an attendant repeatedly announces to pay the TERMINAL FEE before checking-in. Unfortunately, a Filipino passenger pleaded to do it after checking-in, which made the process longer for a few minutes.

Read his full story below:

Mikey del rosario Aiport


At NAIA terminal 1:

The attendant at the check in counter repeatedly announces that you have to pay the terminal fee BEFORE you check in. Everytime a Filipino gets to the counter she asks again. Of course, the pinoy will try and plead and ask if he can just pay it later. That happened at least 8 times which hampered the progress of the line for a few minutes.

The attendant at the boarding gate repeatedly announces that only people with infants and special needs can board first. Immediately, everyone in the freaking waiting area stood up and clogged the line (blocking the way for some old people in wheelchairs). Again, this made the line go slower than usual because the airline staff kept having to make people go to the side so that the correct people can check in first.

In the plane as we had just landed. The flight attendant announces that nobody can stand up until the fasten seat belt sign is on. Can anyone guess what happened next?

I don’t understand it. The Filipinos I meet abroad are usually so good about following rules and regulations. What happens to us in our own country?!? I hate to say this but… we are not that far off from China with regards to rudeness and the sense of putting ones self above everyone else. Tapos ang lakas nating mang alaska ng mga taga China. Take a good hard look at ourselves Filipinos.

I know with a little attitude adjustment, we can be a great people once more.

Admittedly, what he said was true – that Filipinos abroad are good in following rules and regulations. I noticed that in Sydney that they respect pedestrian lanes, follow traffic rules, and simple policies.

However, I don’t want to lose hope. I know with proper guidance and discipline, we can do better.

What are your thoughts about his story? Have you experienced the same thing?