READ: Netizen Shares Alleged Modus of “Bogus” City Hall Officials

Netizen Shares Alleged Modus of Bogus City Hall Officials

Bad elements are becoming more creative in their modi. Could this be one of the new modi hitting Metro Manila?

A netizen shared how two men arrived at her home office and said that she is doing illegal construction. The netizen runs an interior design business but was cautious of the two men, who only had a suspicious-looking notice of illegal construction.

According to Misty F.:

This happened to us today, January 26, 2016, at around 10:02am. I arrived at our home office in Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City. I was still inside my car when I saw a man ringing the doorbell. Description: Male in his mid-40s to 50s, dark skinned, heavy built, around 5’4″ in height, thinning hair, wearing a white shirt with collar and jeans.

I rolled down my car window and asked him, “Sino po sila? Ano ang kailangan nila?” (Who are you? How may I help you?)

He then approached my car and said in a loud voice, “Ma’am, may illegal construction po kayo. Doon po tayo sa loob mag-usap! May mga penalty yan.” (“Ma’am, you guys have an illegal construction. Let’s talk inside. There are penalties you have to face.”)

She became suspicious when another man entered the scene and started hovering. Misty noticed that the men did not show any ID, only a crumpled and photocopied notice of illegal construction with no date or addressee.

I then said, “Sir, I will just take a picture of this for reference.” When I said that, he got mad and shouted, “Ano ba yan! Bakit mo pi-picturan yan? Napaka-tactless naman ng ginagawa mo! Doon tayo sa loob magusap!” (Why are you taking a picture? What you’re doing is tactless. Let’s talk inside!)

He then forcefully grabbed the paper from me. I got scared at this point because he was really pushy and it seemed like he really wanted to go inside the house. I then asked for his ID but he still didn’t want to give it. He said, “Bakit kailangan pakunin ang ID namin? Mukha ba kaming holdupper?” (“Why do you need to get our ID? Do we look like holduppers?”) In my head, I thought, yes, you do look like holduppers,sir.

Luckily, Misty’s business partner came out.

She also asked for their ID but to no avail. They were starting to approach our gate which was left open, but good thing Pai was able to close it before they could enter. I got out of the car and followed them towards our gate. When they saw that we were able to close our gate, they proceeded back to their car but before going inside their car, the man said, “Babalik kami! May tinatagosiguro kayo diyan. Siguro tagakulto kayodahil parehokayong naka black!” (“We’ll come back! You’re probably hidinh something. You’re probably in a cult because you’re both wearing black!”) Omg! For real? A cult?

Misty was able to take a photo of the car and the plate number, and said that she will get a CCTV copy of the encounter. Fortunately, no one got hurt during the incident.

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