Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s Tips for Dreamers Like Them

Hard to believe but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling faced rejection too.

Before “Superbad,” Stone (who has one Oscar nomination) dropped out of high school to move to Los Angeles for auditions.

Emma related to a part in her new movie La La Land that was reminiscent of her Los Angeles auditions. “The one in the movie that I probably related to the most was the callback scene where she goes in there and it startsand then it’s cut off and then they say, ‘That’s enough.'” She described them as ‘fun’ and ‘awful.’

Stone even used her car to prepare for auditions as her makeshift makeup prep room.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” star Ryan Gosling had a real-life struggle with becoming a successful actor.

Being grateful for the setbacks helped instead of complaining, because a blip can lead to your biggest breaks.

A scene was actually Ryan’s real-life experience. He was in an audition and was told to cry and in the middle of his crying scene, the casting director answered the phone.

La La Land is a whimsical musical film about trying to carve out a career in Los Angeles, where struggling actor Mia (Emma Stone) endures one rejection after another and hits it off with jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who also wants to launch his life’s work.

Gosling has this for anyone starting out: “You’re more lucky for the things you didn’t get than the things you do, ’cause they could change the course of your life.”

Stone says had she won TV shows that would’ve gone on for years, she never would have done Superbad and the following roles. “It is funny how the things that happen in your life can feel terrible in the moment but lead you to those places.”

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