READ: KC Concepcion Apologizes for “Not Having Kept My Mask on 100% of the Time”

KC Concepcion

Cover photo from @itskcconcepcion on Instagram

KC Concepcion took to Instagram to write an apology letter for “not having kept my mask on 100% of the time” during a party in Baguio.

She was one of the guests of Tim Yap’s party in Baguio, which became viral because some were seen not wearing face masks.

She began by thanking the frontliners “who have been working hard since the beginning of last year.”

Concepcion added, “To be honest, we are all still getting used to our new normal. I quarantined solo for 3 months, not leaving my house, trying to be strong home alone to keep myself and others safe, and had noone at home to lean on. Mentally, it was taking its toll, which it did on so many of us regular people, but most especially on our frontliners who have been working nonstop to keep our communities safe. Thank you.”

In her apology, she said, “I do agree that keeping a mask on and not letting our guards down is the least we citizens could do. I personally apologize for not having kept my mask on 100% of the time during a gathering.”

Concepcion also hopes that people can move forward from the situation. “It has been 2 weeks since then and I hope we can move forward with lessons learned about safety protocols indoors or outdoors when in a crowd. I understand the panic. And I would react in a similar way.”

In the second half of her post, she reflected how the pandemic has been tiring for everyone. According to her, “one thing is for sure, we can all learn from everyday experiences, and from each other. Nobody is perfect, revenge travel is TRULY a thing, and in as much as we would like to break free from chains and restrictions to try and keep sane, no. We need to travel more responsibly. We need to gather more responsibly.”

Concepcion also has a few pieces of advice for her followers. She began, “Stay focused and patient. We can get through this together. In the meantime, we should take care of our mental health, always, as much as the physical, no matter what. Find things that make you happy. Rest when your mind and body need it. Eat healthy, be active, stay alert.”

She ended her post with, “As I’ve learned, we can connect with each other and love each other, while still being extra careful for ourselves and one another. I let my guard down for 5 minutes- while I was vigilant 99% of the time, 99% is not enough.”

The guests of Yap’s party were fined P1,500 for violating the city’s health protocols. Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, who was seen attending the party with his wife, has resigned from his post as the contact tracing czar.

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