READ: Justin Bieber Speaks Up About His Engagement with Hailey Baldwin

Yesterday, I wrote about how Justin Bieber might be engaged to Hailey Baldwin, even though the couple hadn’t confirmed anything yet. Well, about an hour ago, Justin Bieber himself more than just confirmed the engagement.

He wrote quite a lengthy Facebook post to Hailey about it, where he talks about how he love he is with her and how he is committed to spending his life getting to know every part of her while loving her patiently and kindly.

Read the full sweet Facebook post here:

Fans of Justin Bieber seem a bit torn in the comments section, where some are excited and happy for him and others are devastated because they were rooting for him and Selena Gomez to end up together in the end.

Are you a Belieber fan, too? Are you happy about this news?