READ: Jasmine Curtis Smith Writes Sweet Birthday Message for Sister Anne

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Anne Curtis is celebrating her birthday today, and one of the stars writing a special greeting is her sister Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Jasmine went on Instagram to share her sweet message. According to the actress, “Knowing your love as an Ate, daughter, friend, and wife, it’s a guarantee that bubba girl will have the best mum!!!”

She added, “You have always given your best self and love to me and everyone you encounter, so I wish that life continues to shower you with 100000000000xxxxx more love and happiness because we all know that you deserve all of it. You keep growing into a spectacular woman and with that always bring so much inspiration to me as your little sestra and soon to be babysitter (as will no longer be your only bb girl anymore!)”

Jasmine ended the post with, “Cheers to seeing the world together and now seeing your world and love grow bigger. I love you so much and always , and am so so excited to see you and your newest bb girl soon!!!!!!”

Anne is expected to give birth this February or March.

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