READ: Is the whole Bea-Julia-Gerald story a LIE?

“I refuse to be your victim” is one of the lines featured in Julia Barretto’s recent Instagram post which was implied in the first photo that it was meant for Bea Alonzo.

Credit: Julia Barretto / Instagram

Many stars have given their thought to the whole issue and somewhere along the way, even Gretchen Fullido got involved in all this after a user mistakenly expressed his or her approval meant for Julia’s aunt, Gretchen Barretto.

And while we’re waiting for Bea’s reply to Julia’s recent Instagram post, let’s go to local Twitter and see some users’ arguments on how the issue might not be real at all and how we should focus on more important issues:

Replying to @dlspineda’s initial tweet, user @GMA_rev_ed agreed and saying that he or she “never bought the julia bea gerald scandal. Not surprised about abs cbn because of this,” where she attached a link of news about the entertainment network.

And while some users have made their own theories about the matter, other users have pointed out our priorities and where it should lie, specifically, towards the Dengue epidemic occurring where 622 people have been victimized by the virus, according to user @sirpabi.

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We’ll never really know for sure what’s really going on but what we should probably be more keen on and concerned about is the harsh realities that are happening to our country as of the moment.

A user even made a list of issues that have been overshadowed by the ongoing issue:

How about you, do you think the whole issue is true or do you care more about other issues? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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