READ: How People With Cats Spend Their Mornings

Truth be told: getting out of bed early in the morning is really a challenge. I’m quite sure that we are all guilty of asking for an additional five minutes before actually rising and getting ready for work or school. Even morning persons can’t escape the comfy grip of the warm pillows and cozy blankets.

However, having a cat around can make a big difference in how you spend your mornings. Here is how people with cats usually spend their mornings.

5. Alarm Clock vs. Morning Meows

Instead of having an alarm clock, the meows of your cat who has finished all his food during the night will wake you up. And as if that racket is not enough, he then proceeds to sit on your chest or face and begins to knead and purr. Not quite sure if he wants to wake you up or to snuggle up beside you for five more minutes.

mornings with cats 3

4. Phone vs. Pet

You don’t immediately open your social media accounts to check on what your friends’ 2 AM thoughts were. You spend your first few minutes awake by giving your cat a belly rub or petting him all over as a sign of thanks for waking you up. Sounds like a more intimate way to spend early mornings, don’t you think?

3. Stretching vs. Scratching

Doing your morning exercise is much more fun with a cat around. Aside from always wanting to rub his body on your sweaty legs, he also challenges you by scratching and biting your hands while doing your planks and meows along as you grunt in doing your squats. Who knows? He might be convincing you to stay fat with him. After all, cat life is fat life.

mornings with cats 2

2. Privacy vs. Support

Even when you go to the bathroom to do your business, your cat will be there to give you support and entertain you during the hard and stinky times. You won’t have to worry about anyone or anything sneaking up on you while you take a bath as well because your cat will surely be on guard.

1.  Prep and Go vs. Prep, Pet & Go

As compared to simply leaving after dressing up, you check on your cat first. Before grabbing your bags, you make sure that he has enough food, water, and if he has access to his litter box and toys. Then you spend a few more minutes petting and telling him how cute he is and how much you love him.


Then, as you look at the clock, as usual, you are going to be late.

Do you also experience the same cat-filled mornings? Tell us below.


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