READ: Help This Family Find Their Missing Dog!

Losing a pet is one of the most unfortunate events that could ever happen to a pet parent. Being pet parents ourselves, we understand how it feels to lose a pet you dearly love, which is why we’d like to help this family find their missing dog, Dakki.

Dakki, a white male dog, was being fostered by the owner’s sister-in-law when he escaped through the front door. He was last seen on March 21, 2017, at Kasunduan St., Commonwealth, Quezon City.The family thinks that their dog left to find them since they are not around for their family vacation; hence, having their dog fostered. They were already in the airport, about to depart, when they received a text message that Dakki escaped the house and was nowhere to be found. They immediately canceled their trip and went home to look for their dog.

Certain efforts, such as scoring the neighborhood and posting posters with rewards, were also done but to no avail. Here are some photos and description from the owner that may help you identify Dakki.



Dakki is a white male dog with 2 brown spots at the back, light brown long and dangling ears and pink spots in his nose.

If found or if you have any leads regarding the whereabouts of this dog, kindly contact Lem at 0922-222-9565 or 0915-543-9759.

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