READ: Gas Attendant Returns Netizen’s Phone and Asks Him to Pay It Forward

READ Gas Attendant Returns Netizen's Phone and Asks Him to Pay It Forward 3

Here’s something to inspire you today:

When Chester Vizconde lost his phone, he didn’t expect to see it again. After all, he did the usual stuff: called it, texted it, and even tried to locate it using an app. But it couldn’t be reached. The next day, his boss managed to contact the phone, and Chester retrieved at a gas station. When he tried to give the gas station attendant who found it a reward, the attendant made an unusual request: pay it forward.

This writer got to chat with Chester, and he recounted the story:

I asked my tito na dalhin yung mga nakalimutan kong gamit sa bahay kinabukasan ng umaga. Nung kinuha ko na yung mga gamit ko from the car, I unknowingly put my phone on top of the car. As in sa bubong.

Nakalimutan ko na siya and all. Nagbreakfast na ko. Na realize ko na lang nung bumalik ako sa room ko (I stay in my company’s dorm).

I tried tracking and contacting my number the whole day pero wala. Offline sa find my iPhone, tapos cannot be reached pa.

So I went home to tell my parents (I usually sleep sa dorm but this time umuwi ako sa bahay).

(I asked my uncle to bring the stuff I left at home to my company dorm the following morning. When I got my stuff from the car, I unknowingly put my phone on top of the car. As in on the roof.

I forgot about it. I had breakfast. I only realized it when I got back to my room.

I tried tracking and contacting my number the whole day but it couldn’t be reached. It was also offline.

So I went home to tell my parents.)

The following day, Chester decided to get a new unit when his boss told him that he was able to reach Chester’s phone. It turned out that the night before, Chester removed some stickers from his phone and the residue made the phone stick to the car’s roof, which dislodged at a gas station three or four kilometers away. What a strange piece of luck.

My boss texted, “Ibalik mo na yung cellphone. Kawawa yung may ari.” Then nagreply na ibabalik naman daw.

(My boss texted, “Return the phone. Think of the owner.” Then someone replied and said he was going to return it.)

According to Chester:

I offered him some amount of money, not to pay his deed, but as a sign of gratitude. I strongly insisted for it but Kuya Val totally refused. I told him that in any way, at the very least, I’d really like to return the favor. You know what he said?

“Ganito na lang. Kapag nakapulot ka rin ng kahit ano at hindi sayo. Ibalik mo rin. Bayad na ko dun.” (“Let’s do it this way. If you find something that’s not yours, return it. You can consider that your payment.”)

Chester shared the story on Facebook, and ended it saying, “Thank you Kuya Val for returning my phone. Thank you for listening to the good angel’s whisper and do what is right. He’s more than what I thought of him, or what you guys may think of him. He’s beyond the word honesty.”

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