READ: Elon Musk funds AI Robot that can do your chores!

Last March 2019 it was released to the public that SM Supermalls Introduced their Very Own Robot called SAM who was an artificial intelligent (AI) robot that is programmed to assist to the needs of customers.

As it eases customer service, it looks like robots are soon to ease the whole daily human life experience as Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer has sponsored a robot who could help with accomplishing daily house chores.

Just like in the movies, AI robots are developed to make our lives easier. With that, an open-source research organization, OpenAi, sponsored by Elon Musk has worked on the software for robots that allow themselves to learn the best way to completing chores or daily tasks.

Standing at 58.75 inches, the Fetch robot is almost five feet tall and has a robotic arm with “seven degrees of freedom,” 3-D depth sensors, and a 2-D laser scanner. This means that the Fetch robot is undoubtedly useful for anyone in a rush.

Credits: Fetch Robotics

“If this goal can be achieved, then there will be economic and industrial benefits. Imagine a Roomba not only cleaning your floor but also doing the dishes, ironing the shirts, cleaning the windows, preparing breakfast,” Marc Deisonroth, an Imperial College London statistical machine learning lecturer, told MIT Technology Review.

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