READ: Doug Kramer Writes a Sweet Message for Kendra’s 11th Birthday

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Time flies so fast. Two days ago, the Kramers celebrated the 11th birthday of their firstborn, Kendra.

Doug wrote a touching message on Instagram celebrating her special day. He began, “The day you came into my life, gave me more purpose and meaning. You’ve given me so much great memories that I will forever replay in my mind. The tears that rolled down my face when I first held you. The first word you uttered was Papa. The moment you took your first steps. Your first hair cut. Our first date together. So much beautiful moments together!”

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He added, “Mama and I are so blessed to have you. You’ve been a great Ate, bigger sister to Scarlett and Gavin. Anyone who knows you will feel the love that overflows from your heart. Your lambing and kisses I will never get tired of. You’re such a charming little girl that’s grown so beautifully that I have to get ready for the boys. Or the boys should get ready for me. ? Don’t forget what you said before @ClairKendraKramer25, ‘no boys, only papa!'”

Doug accompanied his post with photos of Kendra at her current age and when she was seven, one, and one day old.

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