READ: ‘Cute Girl With Groceries’ on Twitter gives us kilig feels!

In case you guys have missed it, Twitter threads are starting to become trendy lately. May it be for the purpose of ranting, a thread of recommendations regarding a certain topic, clapbacks for ‘Twitter games’ (such as where one ‘likes’ this Tweet in exchange for a question to answer); Twitter draws intriguing users to convey thoughts with a maximum of 140 characters, and that’s what makes it fun!

Twitter user @goldencircle established a Twitter thread about her encounter with a cute guy by the name of ‘Steven’ at a mall in Novaliches where she was grocery shopping like him.

She figured this guy was ‘so cute, her pansexual butt was shaking’. She also walked over to the section of the sanitary pads, to which he approached her – much to her surprise.

She tried to play it cool. He asked for help since it was his first time to purchase napkins and didn’t know what to buy. Being ‘the good Samaritan’, she helped him out – like explaining the different kinds and brands.

She was devasted when she found out he had a girlfriend. They proceeded to pay together at the cashier. The guy even offered to carry the groceries.
Until then, he admitted that the napkins weren’t for his girlfriend (she then finds out that since he didn’t have one) but for his mother.

Oh boy, this is getting better.

He also admitted the real reason why he followed her around. He had the jitters! 😛

Just as they were about to separate ways, the guy gave her his number to her at the back of the grocery receipt.

‘Steven’ offered to take her to the terminal but told her to “give a call, okay?


2017-06-28 11.17.47

2017-06-28 11.23.48

And this is where she is dubbed as ‘the cute girl with the groceries’. Makes sense, right?

When she got home, she decided to save his number and text him, and …

2017-06-28 11.28.03

Just at they were conversing about their ‘theme song’, ‘Steven’ brought up that he wanted to give her flowers. So, she was #shookt.

She ends the thread with a screencap of their last conversation, looking forward to a brand new day of them talking again.

Looks like they did talk the following day, with this latest update.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for ‘Cute Girl’! You can read the entire thread here.
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