READ: Condo Asks Tenant To “Remove” Pitbull Because Of “Clear And Present Danger” It Possesses

 Brandon Vera may be a pro mixed martial artist but he has a soft spot for dogs. He is currently living in the PH while training for his One Championship title defense with two cute dogs, Ronin and Loki.


But, it seems that not all people find the dogs cute. Vera, on his Facebook page, posted a letter that allegedly came from his previous condominium’s Board. In the letter, Vera is requested to “remove” his pitbull because of the “clear and present danger” it poses to the condominium community. Read here:


Source: Brandon Vera

Full text:

So……. I’ve been waiting to post this here on FB till I left completely.

As you all know I’m in camp and getting ready for 1st title defense for ONE Championship here in the Philippines Mall of Asia Arena on Dec 2nd.

Out of the blue…. we received this letter about our dogs. (They have their own Instagram @roninandloki) We were approved to move here before we left from the states, all certifications, usda stamps, veterinarian stuffs, pictures…etc..

No incidents ever, no problems ever, we clean up after them and yell at people who don’t clean up after their pets, AND Ronin the Pit Bull has been bit on the face 3-4x by smaller Yappy ass dogs who live in Fairways Tower the same building. This my Kababayan shows the complete ignorance of some folks.
My favorite line here is “as we all know pit bulls are more of a fighting dog than a domestic dog”.

Not here complaining….. I love the new location we moved to in Quezon City. Timing was a little fucked.

The the Board, Just a heads up my lawyer sent a letter over to your board ____, lawsuit to follow.

Not the Security Guards or Workers ang bait nyo. Y’all always said hi to the dogs and even took photos with them, we’ll miss y’all Ingat.

Especially our cool as friends and neighbors in the Fort we’ll get together after my scrap.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is breed discrimination?

As of posting, we have attempted to contact the condominium referred to in the post but to no success. The page will be updated once we get in contact with a rep.

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