READ: Compilation Of Funny Tweets About Erwan Heussaff’s Diet Plan

One of the characteristics among Filipinos that everyone looks up to is our humor and the fact that we always wear smiles on our faces.

We love to make witty jokes, may it be regarding a simple event or even a serious issue. With the current explosion of reactions to the fitness and diet tweets from fitness blogger Erwan Heussaff, Filipinos did not miss the chance to make jokes about them.

While everybody is waiting in anticipation for Erwan to finally publish his 150-peso diet plan, here is a compilation of funny tweets that will not only send us in laughter but will also work on those abdominal muscles as well.

Well, who needs six pack abs when you can be immortal instead?

You have to know the stand of the people you are going to vote for, no matter the issue.

Both of them have logical and strong points.

Don’t we all want to know that? Seriously.

Yes to immortality!

Do you guys have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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