READ: Chesca Garcia Writes a Touching Poem to Celebrate Doug Kramer’s 40th Birthday


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Chesca Garcia is paying tribute to her husband Doug Kramer’s 40th birthday with a poem she shared on social media.

She began, “Happy Birthday, Love! Here is a tribute to you and all the little things you do. You might think they go unnoticed but I truly appreciate you!”

The poem reads:

“In every little thing you do,
You do things selflessly for everyone around you.
A glass of water and my vitamins by my side,
You place it where my eyes can see,
A gentle reminder just for me.

As I slumber, peaceful and deep,
You close my lamp, my dreams to keep.
When dawn breaks, you’re by my side,
With a tender kiss, my heart’s tied.
These little things that you pursue,
Fill my days with love anew.

Oh, the little things you do each day,
They melt my heart in every way.
I could go on and on, it’s true,
About the little things from you.
In your gestures, love shines through,
Forever grateful, my love, to you.

On your special day, I must convey.
We celebrate your sweetness in every way,
The one who serves, with heart so true,
Always so giving,
People like you are rare and few.

On your special day,
May your day be filled with pure delight
And know you’re celebrated and cherished,
We love you always and forever,
In every single way!”

Chesca ended her post with, “Happy birthday, honey!!! I love you so much! I thank the Lord always for giving me such a loving husband and blessing the kids with such an amazing father!”

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