READ: Cat Owners Reveal The Silly Things They Do For Their Cats

There are some hilarious things in this world that can only be explained by people who have cats.

So, we’ve asked some cat owners what are the silly things they’ve done for their fluffy fur ball babies, and here are their answers.


“I remember snatching my Mom’s tuna in cans since I ran out of cat food, or get dried fish/tinapa from the fridge only for my mom to discover that outside of our gate, they are being fed to stray cats.” – Cha


“One time, my housemate reported that Charlie was missing. The house I was renting before was in Paranaque and my office was in QC. I raced home. Drove like a maniac with matching hazard lights. Sped through EDSA until Merville Exit.  Only to find out that she snuck into one of my chest drawers with underwear. Most probably when I was dressing up in the morning. I think more than silly, it was really crazy.” – Ria


“When I was a child, I used to share my daily breakfast milk to the stray cat I’m taking care of.” – Alli


“I always meow and talk to him as if he really understands me. Also, I bought him a cat bed and a cat house which he never use.” – Leif

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“When I was still living in Makati, I had a cat named Wednesday (may he rest in peace). I feed him like a baby. I make “himay” fried chicken and give it to him with a spoon.” – Ria

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“I am keeping a cat in a no-pets-allowed condo unit. So, whenever I sneak him out of the place, I put him inside my bag and pray to the universe no one rides the elevator with me.” – Yza

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As strange as their answers may be, true cat people can attest that these are just normal things that they would do for the meows they love.

What are the silly things you’ve done for your pets? Tell us in the comments.


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