READ: Car’s Rear Windshield Shattered in Mall Parking Lot

READ Car's Rear Winshield Shattered in Mall Parking Lot

This holiday season, it’s expected that malls will be crowded with people finishing their holiday shopping. This is also the time when bad elements will take advantage of the crowds.

Social media user Frances C. shared her experience on Facebook, where some bad people smashed the rear windshield of her car parked in a mall parking lot and took the valuables inside.

According to Frances:

I went to Robinsons Metroeast in Pasig to attend church in Victory and to do last minute Christmas shopping. I parked my car in the pay parking at Level 5. At around 8:30, I went back to my car to unload some shopping bags because I couldn’t carry them anymore, then went back inside the mall to buy more gifts. Then after 20 minutes I decided to go home. When I approached my car in the parking, I was shocked to see that the rear windshield of my car was shattered into pieces, the glass totally broken. I couldn’t move for two minutes thinking that the thief was just nearby ready to attack me. Then I ran towards the entrance in the mall calling out to the guard asking for help. The guard couldn’t hear me because there were Christmas songs playing loudly in the parking area. Finally, he saw me then I told him what happened. The head of security of the mall checked my car, and they kept asking me if I had a rift with somebody in the parking. I said no because at first I thought my belongings inside the car were intact. When I got home, only then did I realize that a lot of my stuff are missing. I was still in shock [so I didn’t notice].

However, Frances is still grateful. She says:

I am grateful to God that I wasn’t hurt. But it makes me sad because it happened to me. It saddens me because there are pathetic people who could do harm to others. These mean people have no place here and are a nuisance to society.
This season is about love, sharing, giving to the poor because we pity the poor and empathize with them, but why do they do these things? I don’t degrade them but it’s so frustrating. I will never ever go back to any Robinsons Mall ever again. Their security department is very inefficient. I am praying and trying my very best to still feel the Christmas spirit because I still have a lot of things and people who who comforted me to be thankful for.

Netizens, we encourage  you to never leave your valuables inside the car. If you must, hide them so they can’t be seen from the window.

Have you experienced something like this? Share it below.

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