READ and HELP: Mom Asking for Financial Support To Help Cure Her Stage 2B Cervical Cancer

Cancer is the third leading cause of mortality in the Philippines.  There are different types of cancer: lung, breast, cervix, liver, colon and rectum, prostate, stomach, oral cavity, ovary, and leukemia. Whatever the type may be, it is still cancer and could lead to death at any time.

With that as a fact, finding out you have it could be a sorrowful moment, especially, if you are a parent.

Mom with Cancer

This is Tanya Santos Cuyugan, a 34-year-old mom of 3 and lives in Las Pinas City. She described herself as someone strong, independent, and a loving housewife. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer stage 2B last August 2015.

Read her touching message below:

mom with cancer 2

According to most health websites, the early stages of cervical cancer don’t have symptoms. Apart from the cervical shots, routine pap smear test as early as 21 years old should be done once a year. Please see below guidelines:

  • You should get your first Pap smear at age 21
  • The test should be repeated every two years.
  • Women over 30, or with three consecutive negative result smears, only need testing every three years.
  • Women with new sexual partners should get a smear every two years. (Source)

Ultimately, all diseases, including any type of cancer is curable at an early stage. As what we usually say, prevention is better than cure. I hope we could all extend our help to Tanya and her family.

Have you got other tips on how to cure Cervical Cancer? Share them below.


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