READ: 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To WakeBoard

Living in a tropical country, such as the Philippines, has its perks. It means more sunny days and a warmer climate that allows for more fun in the sun and in the water! Aside from going to beaches, going canyoneering, and climbing waterfalls, another water activity that’s becoming more and more popular in our archipelago is wakeboarding.

Just what exactly is wakeboarding, you ask? Simply put, wakeboarding is balancing on a board while holding on to a rope attached to a cable mechanism which brings you around a circuit. Sounds simple enough? Well, not really. Buuuuut, there are so many reasons why you should give it a go! I’ve come up with my top 6 reasons here:

6. It looks super cool!

Like I said, wakeboarding is not as simple as it sounds. Just give these legit riders a watch:

Just watching them flip, slide, jump, and roll all the while maintaining all balance and composure on that board is making me want to wish I knew how to wakeboard!


See, once upon a time I actually tried to wake board but all I have as evidence of that attempt is this photo. I think it still makes me look semi-bad ass – and I’m just holding on to a knee board! I don’t know about you but looking effortless and actually being ON that board is definite #goals!


5. Wakeboarding is doable

Once upon a time, as I mentioned earlier, I gave wakeboarding a go. It took a whole afternoon of trying and failing and trying again until I managed to stand on the board. Bottom line: I did it!! The downside was that I only managed to keep on the board for a few measly seconds but hey, I still managed! Wakeboard is tough, but it’s doable. Trainers will usually say that with enough determination, anyone can learn.


Okay, it’s obviously not as easy as this chart, but you guys get the idea.


4. It will teach you patience

Because oh dear God, you will wipe out a lot when you start. A. LOT.

Deca Mintal Wakeboarding

And then more!


3. It’s good exercise

A quick search on Google will show you how pro wakeboarders look like. Yes, they are fit AF! Wakeboarding does not only look fun, it’s really, really good exercise for your arms, legs, and core!


I mean really, you can’t do stuff like this without being strong!


#WakeboardGainz bruh!


2. There are world class wakeparks in the country!

It’s true! People from the world over actually come to the country to wakeboard!

Have You Tried Wakeboarding... During a Flood

And no, I’m not talking about wakeboarding in Manila’s flooded streets (although I must admit it must take some serious skill to actually pull this off).

Annnnd, I’m not talking about wakeboarding on Pinoy heritage sites, either (although that was pretty cool to watch).

I’m talking about actual, legitimate wake parks in the country! Republ1c Wake Park in Nuvali, Laguna is just a drive away from Manila. There are also world class wake parks outside of Metro Manila like the Camsur Watersports Complex in Bicol, or Deca Wake Park in Davao.


1. The Wake Park World Championships is coming to the Philippines!

Yes, you read that right!

The best riders in the world will be coming to the Philippines to compete in this annual competition!

Annnnnd, there will not only be water sports during the event, there will also be parties (where the WhenInManila team – yours truly – will be at!).


Read more about the the Wake Park World Championships HERE. 

Okay, people! What are we waiting for? Excuse me as I attempt to learn to wakeboard!


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