READ: 5 Life Lessons From Cats That Will Make Hoomans Happier

Do you ever wonder why cats seem to have it all figured out?

Cute looks, fluffy bodies, irresistible charm, gracious posture and all that. Well, aside from being super cute which they clearly can’t teach us, here are five life lessons from cats that will make even plain hoomans like the rest of us happier.

1. There’s always time for a nap.

“When in doubt, nap it out” is probably their life motto. Cats sleep around 15 hours a day and look at them, they’re very chill for animals who are both prey and predator.

So, why don’t you put that phone down and drift off? You’ll surely have enough energy to finish all those tasks (aka scrolling your feeds) later.

cats in Manila meownila 11

2. Keep yourself clean and groomed.

If there’s one thing cats love most aside from sleeping, that would be self-grooming. Take note of the fact that they do this themselves. Independent fluff balls, am I right?

If cats could, you can too! Tidy up and bring those perfectly-winged cat eyes on.

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3. Cuddling and snuggling is essential.

Even strong, independent cats enjoy good old snuggles. A little cuddle-fest won’t hurt anyone. Go on, get close and enjoy the warmth of your cat, stuffed toy, girlfriend or your ex-boyfriend’s jacket.


4. Eat, prey, love.

Yup, that’s right. “Eat, prey, love.” is a spin on the mantra from the book and movie. Just like cats, eat your heart out. Prey your goals and don’t forget to love yourself and every single thing you find amusing. Right, even a box.

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5. Give random gifts.

Remind people how special they are to you by giving them gifts even without any special occasions.

Surprise them even more by choosing something unique for your present. Nothing says love louder than dead birds and mice. Just kidding.

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These five life lessons, when followed religiously, will make you a happier hooman just like your kitty cat!

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