Razorback’s Album Launch: “Three Minutes of Glory” and 21 Years of Pinoy Rock

When In Manila, after 21 years of rocking the Philippines, Razorback gives us Three Minutes Of Glory. 



There’s no one who can rock the crowd as hard, When In Manila, as Razorback does. As a staple in the industry, and an icon in the Filipino music scene, Razorback has given us hits like Giyang, Payaso, Ikot ng Mundo, Voodoo, Who Do?, and Wakasan, just to name a few. 


5 years after their last recorded project, Alive, and 5 albums (Hebigat Sounds Vol. 1, Beggar’s Moon, Star, Razorback, D’ Greytest Hithits) down the road, they’re at it again with their newest album Three Minutes of Glory. 



Razorback does not disappoint. They’ve maintained the flavor of rock and roll they have been known for throughout the years. Yet, the band has also surprised us with musical growth, exploring their sensitive side, as is evident in some of the songs on the album such as Atin Atin Lang. Three Minutes of Glory also features new songs like the hard hitting title song, Three Minutes of Glory; Earthbound, a personal favorite; Amused, sang in duet with Lougee Basabas of Delara on the record; and Daang Daang Dahilan, an original single that they’ve played at gigs while the album was still in the making.


1. Daan-daang Dahilan
2. Ayon Sa Kanya
3. amused
4. Atin-atin Lang
5. Three Minutes of Glory
6. 29
7. Wonderful Life
8. Mea Culpa
9. Earthbound
10. You and Your Sins
11. Necromantic
12. Father’s Day 


The venue filling up. The audience waiting for the concert to start.



The Music Museum was packed with Boars, lining up to get to watch Razorback and the first ever listen to the newly released album. Last night’s event was not only their album launch, but also a celebration of their 21st anniversary. 


Me and my friend Trish. Excited for Three Minutes of Glory!





Razorback drummer Brian Velasco with a Boar, snout and all.



The show had the most amazing light set ups, reminiscent of Pink Floyd concerts. 








The set list, just a few minor changes with the song line up with the addition of Jealous Guy and Tabi Ng Bulkan to their performance.

At some point, everyone just stood up and went wild. I found myself standing on my seat and singing along. God knows I didn’t really know the lyrics, but on a night like this, music just takes over the crowd. It was a good night for rock and roll.





Razorback is composed of Kevin Roy on vocals, Triso Ripoll and Manuel Leguarda on guitars, Louie Talan on bass, and Brian Velasco on the drums.


After five years of guitar playing with Razorback, this is Manuel Legarda’s first album with the group. He brings a new texture to the table, albeit a very familiar one that the Boars find truly fitting.


Album was produced by Louie Talan and recorded at Wombworks Audio Production Studios (https://wombworks.multiply.com).







Albums sell for PHP 350 each and are available at every gig. you can also order through their Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/razorbackmusic, and they can ship it to you anywhere in the globe!


I wasn’t able to grab a copy at the gig, but I will certainly be ordering one. When In Manila, or anywhere in the world for that matter, have a listen to Razorback’s Three Minutes of Glory and get ready to be blown away by Pinoy rock at it’s finest.







Razorback’s Album Launch: “Three Minutes of Glory” and 21 Years of Pinoy Rock




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