Razor Sports: The Grooming Bar for the Man’s Man


Point-guard Facial (Php2,000)

Perhaps Jayson Castro has had facials like this one.

Razor Sports’ Point-guard Facial is a 45-minute deep cleansing solution to dull skin. Recommended for those with fairly clear skin, the facial includes a special microdermabrasion treatment and a cooling mask.


 Looks like David Beckham approves of facials.



 So here’s a fairly dim “before” picture.



A nose strip dries as the technician removes my brother’s blackheads.

Apparently my brother got himself a back-to-back special on microdermabrasion since the Point-guard Facial is all about microdermabrasion, as well. The deep facial treatment use skin-polishing nano-crystals to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.  


After the microdermabrasion session, Razor Sports’ mentholated face mask is applied on freshly cleansed skin. Once the mask dries, it is peeled off to reveal my brother’s smoother, glowing skin, and a layer of moisturizer is carefully applied as a finishing touch. During the session, my brother was advised to stay away from the sun and to apply sunscreen every two hours whenever he needs to go outside. Unfortunately Razor Sports does not offer sunscreen as of this writing. 


Fantastic result, nonetheless!

Now while most of the services (and shop interior) have been designed with the sporty Filipino in mind, Razor Sports provides excellent pampering services for women. Since treatments can take at least 45 minutes, ladies who have tagged along with Razor Sports clients don’t have to be bored out of their minds as they wait on their men (but then again, is there such a woman?) Female customers can avail any service the grooming bar offers, and even have their nails done with sanitized nail tools! 


Talk about hygiene! Even nail buffers are disposable.


Nail polish brands include L.A. Colors, Orly and the color-changing, sweet-smelling nail polish Ruby Wing.

You see, guys, proper grooming includes maintaining a tidy appareance. Next time you step out of the men’s locker room when in Manila, choose to take a shot at looking extra sharp with Razor Sports.

Razor Sports: Men’s Grooming Bar

3F Trinoma Mall  (near exit to Mindanao Parking)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RazorSports



Razor Sports: The Grooming Bar for the Man’s Man


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