Raw Bites Box: The First Healthy Snacks Subscription Box in the Philippines

If you can subscribe to an online app, so you can binge-watch movies, series, and/or listen to music. You may want to subscribe to Raw Bites Box to achieve a better and healthier you.

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“Health isn’t valued until sickness comes.”

In this world filled with cancer-inducing preservatives and refined sugars which hype up your insulin resistance, it is important to be mindful of what we eat and have an active lifestyle.

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Among these three items, I enjoyed the refreshing Aloe Vera drink most. The coffee and the Rude Health really tasted raw and organic. My taste buds need to adjust. (TIP: To prolong the life of the juices, store them in the fridge to avoid spoilage)

Knowing what all the chemicals in the food manufactured today brings, we have been trying to stay fit and healthy by avoiding them at all costs. With this, Raw Bites Box introduces the first healthy snacks subscription box in the Philippines. It offers a variety of choices that are good for those who are always on-the-go.

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We all know how gluten-free or any healthy product tastes like, right? Surprisingly enough, all of these I loved, especially, the Sweet Potato & Cacao. While my partner loved the Nut Bar chocolate almond. 

From the newest superfoods, wholefood bars, nut butters, veggie and fruit chips to protein balls, raw chocolates, freeze dried fruits and gluten-free cereals, Raw Bites vigilantly searched and gave only the best to their clients, bringing nutritious food to their own homes.

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Since the snacks are carefully sieved, the products are gluten-free, vegan, organic, have natural sugars and have no preservatives. It is also ensured that the goods are made with such quality and have conformed to the health and safety rules and regulation in manufacturing.

As they are eating what they’re selling, we, as consumers, can guarantee that the snacks taste good and make us feel good. With their customer-centric style philosophy, they made it possible for us to choose between three categories:


  • Up to 8 healthy snacks delivered monthly
  • One-off purchase for P945
  • Flat shipping fee of ₱120/box anywhere in the Philippines
  • Weight: 600g (min.)


  • Up to 10 healthy snacks delivered monthly
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines
  • Weight: 800g (min.)

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  • Up to 15 healthy snacks delivered monthly
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines
  • Weight: 1kg (min.)

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Simple. Just like any subscription, you must visit their website (www.rawbites.com.ph) to sign up. You may join the #rawvolution for as little as P945 to receive a healthy snack box delivered to you monthly. After choosing which plan suits your lifestyle, you will be asked to review the information you gave, and voila, you’re one step closer to achieving the better and healthier you!

By the way, the healthy snack box I got was their Regular box for April. I suggest, to try the trial box first, in case you’re in a transition of living a healthier lifestyle. Orders for June are now OPEN!


That’s the tough question. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is costly and hard. It requires patience and a lot of understanding. But I’ve committed myself to live a healthier lifestyle, I will buy again. BUT, not anytime soon. Keeping it real, I have to allot a budget for this, which I think is fair.


Every month, the selection of the snacks inside your subscription box will vary. Depending on the plan you’re getting, each box will contain either 8 products for the trial box, 10 in the regular box, and 15 for the premium. These boxes have a minimum weight of 600g, 800g, and 1kg respectively.

This innovation in the field of health and wellness is truly remarkable. The heartbreaking days of consuming bland organic chips and tasteless protein bars are finally casted away as we embark on this holistic journey.

Get yours now!

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