Rare James Bond Photos Are Here, And They’re The Coolest Retro Throwback Ever

James Bond has always been a global British icon, not just for the way he foils his enemies’ plans, all while juggling romances with hordes of beautiful women, but for introducing what it means to be suave, as he rocks a suit that never goes out of style.

While all the actors who have played this much-loved character had their strengths, Sean Connery was undoubtedly the most stylish — which is why this rare set of house cards (used decades ago in theaters to promote movies) from the ’60s are now being lusted for by collectors!

These vintage photo cards — once thought of as with no value and disposable–  from the very first Bond films such as Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice will be up for auction in London, and is expected to reportedly attract four-figure bids from collectors!

Sean Connery James Bond 9

Sean Connery James Bond 8

Sean Connery James Bond Sean Connery James Bond 2

Sean Connery James Bond 3

Sean Connery Hames Bond 5

Sean Connery James Bond 6

Photo Credit: Daily Record UK

It has to be said that the 60’s was one of the best eras for fashion ever, if not the best. Just take a look at that slim-cut suit and tie, and the pompadour Sean Connery is sporting. The Bond Girls don’t look half bad, either.

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