Rare David Bowie Records To Be Reissued

Two rare records from the music legend David Bowie will be reproduced for the 10th Record Store Day, Bowie’s record label announced, according to Hollywood reports.

rare david bowie album

The albums will be reissued in limited quantities on Record Store Day on April 22, and will include a three-LP live album from 1974 called “Cracked Actor.

“Cracked Actor” is the first time the 1974 concert recordings have been gathered. It shows Bowie singing with Luther Vandross.

The second record to be reissued is “Bowpromo,” an ambiguous 1971 promotional release, which featured alternative versions of tracks that came out on Bowie’s famous album, “Hunky Dory.

” On its B-side are unrelated songs by Dana Gillespie, an English singer best known for “Jesus Christ Superstar”, who was on the same promotional roster as Bowie.


David Bowie was known for constantly reinventing his music, which was also evident on his last album “Blackstar” which came out last year two days before dying of cancer, shocking the public.

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