Jollibee Staff Helps Woman in Need: Faith in Jollibee Restored

Jollibee Staff Helps Woman in Need: Faith in Jollibee Restored


On Facebook, a netizen shared her experience of seeing random act of kindness that happened in a fastfood chain in Bacolod City.

According to the post of Mimi Lizada Bhatti, she was feeling proud to see the staff of the said fastfood chain provide a free meal to a hungry woman instead of asking her to leave the establishment.

Here’s the photo and caption of her post:

Fastfood staff gives food to hungry woman

Kudos to the staff of ‪#‎jollibee‬ SM Bacolod City! 
As i was eating my ever fav spag.. i saw a woman approaching a crew cleaning the table in front of me. The woman picked the left over chicken and talked to the waiter probably asking for permission to eat the left over (i can’t hear them) . He left the table and the woman picked the small piece of chicken and swallowed it. She sat apparently tired looking hungrily at the counter. I saw the manager and the crew discussing something..with the guard joining in. I thought they’re gonna throw the woman out (i was about to volunteer to donate my burger lol.) After a few mins of me observing them she stood and went out. A waiter went after her and asked her back. I was wondering why.. well.. there on a table.. a one piece chicken meal was awaiting her return! I was moved by this gentle kindness. As i finished my meal.. i gestured to the waiter to come and asked him who paid for the meal..and yes! It was the manager. I asked the waiter that my burger be given to her.. such a nice feeling to witness kindness from these beautiful people as i start my first day in ‪#‎Negros‬ for the year 2015. May the spirit of kindness be in everyone’s heart. Happy 2015 everyone!


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Random Act of Kindness: Fastfood Staff Gives Free Meal to Hungry Woman