Ramen + Mami = Ra-mi! Cravings’ Newest Offering for the Rainy Season


Ramen + Mami = Ra-mi! Cravings’ Newest Offering for the Rainy Season


 Some of Cravings’ refreshing beverage blends. This one has lime and cucumber.


While the Cravings restaurant at the top of the Fraser Place condotel found at the backstreets of Makati Ave. has kept a low profile for most of its existence, the aptly named establishment has been filling tummies with its owner, Annie Guerrero’s home-cooked style specialties since way back in the early 90’s. This enduring legacy of household classics all cooked with love is what has led to its steady success spanning three decades. That, and their uncanny ability to whip up some of the best-tasting fusion dishes I’ve ever tried!


 Pork Ra-mi, with chashu-style Inadobo sa Tanglad pork slices and egg that’s been marinated in Adobo broth overnight (PHP 300.00)


“We really like to play around [with different concepts] in the kitchen, and ask for the input of everyone from the waiters to our cook staff,” says the corporate chef of the Cravings Group, Bruce Subia. This principle of thinking outside the box is most evident in Cravings’ latest offering for the rainy season: their Ra-mi selection.


Seafood Ra-mi (PHP 300.00)



 Cravings’ Seafood Ra-mi has prawns, baby calamari, and fish.



 A piping hot bowl of rame – i mean, Ra-mi!


Cravings’ Ra-mi offering features a fusion of two unlikely cultural cuisines: that of Japanese-style ramen and our local Filipino mami. It brings together significant Japanese concepts in ramen-making, which include the highly meticulous process of developing an ideally seasoned broth, with traditional Filipino elements such as thick mami noodles, adoba chashu, adobo-flavored boiled egg. The result is a collection of non-native looking noodle dishes that taste surprisingly familiar, yet have a slight edge to them. It’s comfort food with an upgrade.


Lengua Estofado – cooked with bacon, chorizo and rum sauce and topped with cheese (PHP 535.00)



 As the Cravings’ Chef’s Special offering is off the menu, best to ask their staff about it. They change their highlighted dish every month so you’re always in for a surprise.


After you’ve had a taste of their impeccable fusion dishes, why not try some of Cravings’ best-sellers? Their Lengua Estofado is a house specialty, it is cooked for almost 8 hours then braised with bacon, rum sauce and chorizo, and topped with melted cheese. For a more exciting dining experience, ask for their Chef’s Special offer, it features a brand new dish every month especially crafted by Cravings’ head chef and comes with soup and salad for only PHP 399. We were served the current special, Fennel Pork Shoulder drizzled with Truffle Oil, served with a Cauliflower Puree, Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, Alfalfa Sprouts and Mixed Fruit Chutney on the side.


For rainy days that call for snuggly sweaters and cozying up at home, the most comforting thing worth getting out of bed for would have to be a piping hot bowl of soup. These particular bowls of goodness have our stamp of approval, when in Manila.

Cravings’ Ra-mi collection will be available until September at Cravings Fraser Place in Makati.

Cravings Restaurant

For more details on Cravings’ list of branches, contact details and store hours, like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cravingsphilippines



Ramen + Mami = Ra-mi! Cravings’ Newest Offering for the Rainy Season


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