Quorn: A Promising Meat Alternative

Lumpia made from Quorn

More and more people have been eating less meat lately or have been wanting to at the very least, but everybody knows that it isn’t easy. However, while people would love to eat less or no meat at all, the alternatives are few and not entirely enticing or filling. Veggie meat is an acquired taste, and other substitutes tend to fall short in satisfying one’s hunger or taste.


Well, Quorn, a brand from the UK, is hoping to change all that. Recently brought to the Philippines by Monde Nissin and showcased at Madrid Fusion Manila, Quorn is an alternative meat product that uses mycoprotein, a protein cellular mass-developed in England around the 60’s to address food shortage.

Quorn 1

Of course, anyone would be dubious about anything that claims to be a meat alternative, but the brand has been around for 30 years in 15 countries, and the product itself bears a bite and a texture similar to meat, which makes a difference.

Quorn 5

The high-protein product is available in various cuts including minced, pieces and even nuggets, which can be prepared or seasoned in any way. A pack is good for one serving, and there are also varieties that can just be heated for those late dinners. At its booth in Madrid Fusion, various preparations were made from Quorn including lumpia, burger and nuggets, which were no different in taste from their meaty counterparts.

Quorn 4

Quorn has already received inquiries since its introduction at the event, but will be officially available in supermarkets later this year.