QUIZ: Which Pinoy Hottie Do You Belong With?

We Pinoys love our teen stars, especially the matinee idols: We love them for their swoon-inducing good looks, their onscreen and offscreen charm, and the effortless way they make us feel so kilig, especially with their love team partners! But more importantly, we love them because in their own way, they make us feel how we’d love to be swept off our feet by our own leading men in real life.

Pinoy Hotties Quiz

But from the nice boy-next-door to the tough bad boy with a good side, the television is our oyster and we get to idolize those of our liking! So in an ideal world, which Pinoy hottie do you belong with?? Trust us, we wish we could answer “All of the above” as well!

What did you get?? Share with us your results and tag a friend!! 


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