Quiz Matches You With Presidentiable Based On Your Stand On Issues

2016 is another exciting time for the country as this year will be ushering in a new administration, by way of the presidential elections taking place this May. Yet in the midst of popular surveys, heated debates, mudslinging, and all sorts of propaganda that pervade the media, are we able to filter out what truly matters?

quiz pipoll presidential candidate

Enter PiPOLL, an online quiz that is a compatibility test of sorts — it asks you a series of questions on your stances on socio-political issues, and matches you to a presidential candidate!

PiPOLL was developed by Ethel Francisco and Ish Gagno, just in time for the upcoming May elections.

This way, we do away with personality politics, personal biases, and get down to the core of it — what YOU think is best for OUR country.

Now, the results at the end MAY surprise you, but at least you can see each candidate’s platform and stance on various important issues.

This quiz is ESPECIALLY helpful for those who are still undecided on which name to cast on their ballots. But even for those dead-set on who they’re voting for, it’s also a good idea to take this quiz in order to truly assess whether you and your chosen candidate are on the same page on matters concerning our nation.

It’s only 20 questions long, but it’s well worth it! Check it out here: https://pipoll-alpha.appspot.com/

Are you happy with your results? Let us know in the comments!


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