Quick tips in keeping your luggage clean for your next trip

clean luggage

Beat-up luggage may be the trademark of a seasoned traveler, but there’s a difference between weathered and dirty. While you might want your luggage to show off how far you’ve traveled, you don’t necessarily want it showing how poorly you take care of it when you’re not on the road. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your luggage in tip-top shape no matter where it is, it turns out it may be simpler than you think.

Keep the outside of your luggage clean

As the outside of your luggage is, well, the outside of your luggage, it’s the part that’s the most likely to get dirty. Exactly how to clean it depends on what your particular suitcase or travel bag is made out of.

No matter what, make sure to keep the handle of your luggage clean. This is the part you’ll be touching the most, so wiping it down with a disinfectant wipe every now and then can keep you free from germs.

Keep the inside clean as well

If you’re just maintaining the inside of your luggage, a simple vacuum should be all you need to keep everything clean. Just be careful to remove everything from the interior first, especially smaller accessories or trinkets that could end up sucked into the vacuum cleaner. If you want to be thorough, make sure to check the pockets and various compartments and vacuum those as well.

Sometimes a deeper clean is in order, whether due to a spill or just from being used over and over. If that is the case, you can use baking soda with a mixture of vinegar and water. This won’t do much to get rid of stains, but it will help remove any odors your luggage might have picked up over the years.

Unfortunately, there may still be times in which you won’t be able to get your luggage looking as clean as you’d like on your own. In that case, you’ll have to turn to a professional cleaner.

Any other tips in keeping your luggage clean for your next trip?