A Quick Guide to Smartphones: 3 Basic Online Activities for Newbies

Google Smartphone Newbie 4It might sound absurd to you to even think that someone might not yet own a smartphone today, but let’s face it: some people may not have been able to afford it and may not have had the privilege to own one until now. Also, a lot of older people (like my dear ol’ dad, for instance) may have been super stubborn and held onto their older phones with fear of encountering the scary unknown world of smartphones. Then there are the kids who have never touched a smartphone in their lives.

Most people eventually get there, but a lot of the time, they tend to have trouble learning how to use a smartphone. If you know any smartphone newbies out there, then this article is for them.

Google recently launched a campaign to help first-time smartphone users unlock the potential of the Internet on their smartphones. Here are 3 of the activities that newbies should do while getting to know their new devices:

A Quick Guide to Smartphones: 3 Basic Online Activities for Newbies

3. Get to know Google Search better.

Google Smartphone Newbie 1

Google Search won’t just provide you with online information; it can also keep you informed about things that you care about. It can set your reminders, track your calorie intake and even check your flight schedules.

2. Navigate the streets like a boss.
Google Maps Smartphone Newbie 4

If you’re going someplace new or someplace you simply aren’t that familiar with yet, open Google Maps and get some navigational help by searching for the location and tapping on Download.

1. Entertain yourself with videos.

Most Viewed YouTube Ads in the Philippines According to Google: AlDub is #1There is so much hilariously funny and entertaining stuff on YouTube nowadays, including parodies, videos and cat videos. You can even save some of them, so that you can enjoy them without an Internet connection later on.

(To do this, just click on Offline and choose the quality you want to save the video in. You can find the videos under Saved Videos later on.)

Of course, there are so many other things that you can enjoy with a smartphone, but I’ve come to find that the basic things are what help the newbies become more acquainted and more comfortable with their new devices. After all, as Ryan Morales, Google Philippines’ Country Marketing Manager said, “We believe that everyone’s first mobile experience should be fun and memorable, not hard or intimidating.”

What are some of the things that you think a smartphone newbie should do to get to know their new gadgets better? Share your thoughts with us!

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