Quezon City residents share memories of now-closed J&R Concon Center

North peeps living in the metro who pass by C5 would have probably noticed a series of Katipunan chains and restaurants closing one after the other. One was withered in the flames, others were demolished and replaced. Some establishments gave their loyal customers a goodbye notice on their social media accounts, some are still up and about. Katipunan is changing pretty swiftly in a short period of time, and what shocked came as a shock was the closing of this certain plaza-like center.

Lorenz Ray Payonga felt pretty nostalgic when he saw that this building along Katipunan was now covered, and some parts demolished.

“For those who felt complete and wrecked at this place,” he captioned (with a rough translation).

Many netizens felt nostalgic when they saw the photo and shared memories that they had with two famous restaurants in that place – Wok This Way, known for their famous sisig and Drews, a bar pretty much flocked by students after a hard week in school.

“I have no idea why it closed but some commenters mentioned an upcoming condo,” Payonga tells WHEN IN MANILA. “I’m not sure about that though.”

I wasn’t a regular customer on my own, but Wok Dis Way was more like a go-to place for lunch or dinner with large groups like my block or my dorm barkada on rare but special occasions that we get together. Servings were generous and affordable, making the place just right for those kinds of gatherings.

I actually couldn’t remember anything in particular, but I’m sure all the times we spent there were filled with laughter and PG (patay-gutom) moments. I think that makes the place truly special and unforgettable to a lot of us.

We got to crowdsource some who shared their fondest memories of the place.

“I remember playing Call of Duty there with my blockmates at lunchtime and in between classes. When we got hungry, we walked over to either Wok This Way, Mcdo or the pasta place nearby, order, and have them deliver food to us. Back then, the waiters were willing to walk our food back to the internet cafe because we were constant clients.” – Luigi

Wok is known for their sisig! [I love their] tuna and pork sisig. When my friends and I are on a budget, usually diyan kumakain. Haha!” – Iza

“Drews was a chillnuman place on the top floor. My blockies and I would go and unwind right after school (but only during the weekends, hehe!). Those were the days…” – Clarisse

[Sa Drews], it was my first time to get nearly waster. Inuman with my third-year high school batchmates then one of my friends gave up on drinking his shots so I took his and yun, wasak. My friends brought me home and I had to fake being okay in front of my dad but eventually, after sleeping a bit, I had to wake up to throw up.” – JM

“OMG. I used to hang out there during my high school/college days. Nakakamiss.” – Mitch

“In Grade School/High school, I’d save up money during exam week (half day and still had allowance) and buy a new PS1 game at the end of the week from CD factory. (…) Oh, end of an era.” – Mark

Do you have memories in this building? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the header image. Credits go to Lorenz Ray Payonga


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