Quest And Moira dela Torre Are Collaborating On A New Song And Now We Prepare For Tears

Quest and Moira dela Torre are two of the top Pinoy artists that have been giving us heart-wrenching song for the past years.

Quest first made us cry our hearts out with his hit song “Walang Hanggan” which was about the end of what was once a flourishing relationship. Moira dela Torre’s “Malaya” was the theme song of the film Camp Sawi and that in itself already speaks about what kind of song it is.

These two artists are known for having the perfect combination of relatable lyrics and chilling voices.

Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to have these two songwriters collaborate on one song!

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Quest just announced on Twitter that he let Moira sing his newest musical masterpiece. He even teased that just as he shed some tears, fans will be weeping soon enough as well.

He also posted a few snippets of the song itself. And yes, it already sounds like we’re going to cry a lot.

The upcoming song is entitled “Huling Gabi” and with Moira’s spine-tingling voice matched with Quest’s lyrical genius, it’s bound to be my heartbreak anthem for the coming months.

Prep yourself because there’s gonna be a lot of ninjas cutting onions once this song is released.

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