Quarancine Launches its Mobile Filmmaking Competition About Stories of Quarantine

Oncue Media Inc., in partnership with the International Film Festival Manhattan, has formally launched Quarancine: Movies Made On Lockdown through its digital media platforms last July 01, 2020.

Quarancine, a mobile filmmaking competition for short films produced during the quarantine period, aims to provide a platform for amateur filmmakers and stimulate creative production for meaningful, fun, and inspiring content in these challenging times.

“We believe that talents and visions can’t be suppressed even by lockdowns. In an era where mobile phones are more than a gadget but a need for us to adapt in these pandemic times, we have a tool that can channel authentic content to inspire the country, and the world on digital,” said Valerie Christina Generoso, Managing Director of Oncue Media, Inc. and prime mover behind the ingenious competition.

Aspiring participants will have something to look forward to, in addition to the cash prize that will be awarded. The winning entry will get to represent our country to the International Film Festival Manhattan Virtual Events set to be held on November 19 – 22, 2020 in New York.

Hopefuls can submit their entries until September 18, 2020. Visit Quarancine’s official website at www.quarancine.com to read the full mechanics and to download the entry form or send inquiries through their Facebook page.

Quarancine is just one of Oncue Media’s range of programs launched during this quarantine period. 

Through the initiative of The Tagline Group, a connecting hub of marketing agencies and consultancies under which Oncue Media is a member, this advertising agency has continued to innovate and expand its services to cope with the new norm through the development of the country’s FIRST virtual events and activations platform or VEAP, a web-based platform that brings the concept of traditional on-ground events and brand activations online and makes the engagement between people and brands possible in a digital space.

To book a tour demonstrating how VEAP can help you touch base with your market during these social distancing times, connect with Oncue Media through letstalk@oncuemedia.com.ph or visit our website at www.oncuemedia.com.ph.

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