The Q-Pound Project: Burgers Customized For Your Tastebuds

Hamburgers: not really your typical Filipino fare, but I can say that our romance with the hamburger sandwich throughout the years rivals our own love for adobo and sinigang. We eat so much of it that it is basically its own food group.

The Q Pound Project 7

Given the popularity and burger joints sprouting all over Metro Manila, it is easy to see why entrepreneurs would want a slice of the action. This is why business owners and friends Sonny, Renoir and Ralph (from left to right, the gentlemen in white) got together and had the The Q-Pound Project run and about in just two weeks! 

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The Q Pound Project 3


What do you do to get a piece of that action in this highly competitive business? Put an angle into it by having people customize their own quarter pounder burgers! Even if they just opened last March 16, 2015 along Matino street in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City with a growing popularity and cult following; a second (bigger!) branch will be opening along Tandang Sora, Quezon City soon!

The Q-Pound Project

What EXACTLY can you do with their quarter pound burger? Actually, you can throw anything you want into it – well, at least whatever can be found in the flyer that they’ll provide you with. You can double your patties for a half pound of lean and tender meat topped with melted mozzarella cheese, juicy sweet bacon and fresh vegetables (did I mention that their veggies are delivered fresh every single day?) and any of their sauces.

The Q-Pound Project

And for the adventurous at heart and careful planners, you can even TRIPLE PATTY your custom burger! That is almost a pound of meat sandwiched inside two sweet and dense sesame buns! I am unaware if a brave soul out there attempted to QUADRUPLE their patty since the The Q-Pound Project does not even have a burger challenge yet! I’ve been doing food blogs for for sometime now and even I  find that a single patty Q-Pound burger is already a hearty meal, let alone a TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE patty Q-Pound burger!

The Q-Pound Project

An array of sauces to complement your customized burger aside from the usual catsup, mustard and mayonnaise. You can choose from the pesto, wasabi mayo, asian dressing, bechamel, honey mustard, caesar, ranch and hickoryWe even got to try their seasonal mango salsa which is refreshing and complements the burger really, really well.

Fun Fact: The Q-Pound Project lightly seasons their meat with what I am speculating to be kebab seasoning. It is not finely ground, either, giving it a distinct texture and taste.

The Q-Pound Project

So, what will I get the next time I visit The Q-Pound Project? Probably the same thing I had during my visit: single patty with bacon, lettuce, egg, mozzarella but hold the bechamel sauce since it got too rich for my own taste. I might try the wasabi mayo instead which my friend found delightful.

What would your custom burger be like? Let your imagination fly with the thousand possible combinations and go where no taste buds has ever gone before: The Q-Pound Project!

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The Q-Pound Project

#30 Matino Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines



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