PWR Wrevolution X 2018 – The Homecoming

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made its homecoming at the iAcademy with Wrevolution X 2018. PWR returned to the iAcademy, two years since the last show which was Wrevolution X 2016. Wrevolution X 2018 proved to be the Wrestlemania for PWR with its high stakes matches and memorable moments.

Pre-Show Notes

McKata and Brad Cruz

McKata faced Kapitan PWR. McKata got the pinfall victory after his ally Brad Cruz provided the momentary distraction.

Quatro unmasked and victorious

The next match pitted Quatro against Trabajador Supremo. Supremo used the power of the shadow and was poised to win, until a mysterious voice spurred Quatro to fight back. Quatro sealed Supremo’s fate with the Destino. After the match, Supremo told Quatro to go forth and send the council to new heights.

Crystal kicks Robynn!

John Sebastian kisses Crystal

PWR Tag Team Title Match:  Punk Dolls (Martivo & Robynn) vs. Crystal & John Sebastian©

The champs tried to get in the heads of their opponents by dishing out some verbal abuse during the contest. Martivo delivered his signature Twerkface on Crystal. Robynn later took off with the “Bahala na si Batman” outside dive on Crystal and Sebastian. Crystal and John Sebastian delivered some double team moves on the Punk Dolls such as the backbreaker-kick combo and the Superkick-to-Styles Clash. The champs retained after they hit the Solemate-Killshot combo on Martivo.


PWR Wrevolution X 2018 The HomecomingDax has control over SANDATA

SANDATA puts Dax to sleep

Dax Xaviera vs SANDATA

Dax tried to work on SANDATA’s leg at certain points of the match. Xaivera also unleashed a trifecta of slingblades to the masked warrior. Dax looked to go 3-0 at Wrevolution X with the Balete driver, but SANDATA powered out at two. SANDATA tried to take out Dax with 2 Kidlat attempts, but Dax would get a shoulder up each time. SANDATA hit the third Kidlat and locked in the Garrote hold for the submission win.

PWR Wrevolution X 2018 The HomecomingApocalypse and Main Maxx has Kh3ndrick

PWR Wrevolution X 2018 The HomecomingTHEY WIN!

Main Maxx and the Apocalypse vs. the Kakaibr0s

Main Maxx and the Apocalypse were quick to dominate their opponents early on. They even convinced Mr. Sy to dive on the Kakaibr0s and their ’Br0nation’ outside the ring.  The two were poised to win after Maxx delivered the blitzkrieg on Kh3ndrick, but a slight miscommunication occurred where Main Maxx bumped into Mr. Sy on the apron. Mh4rcki3, with the Kh3ndrick assistance, rolled up Maxx for the pin and the biggest upset win in PWR history!


Revo Ranger stands alone!

PWR Wrevolution X 2018 The HomecomingAB3 – New Champ

All Out War Championship Match: Vlad Sinnsyk © vs. Vintendo vs. James “Idol” Martinez vs. Alexander Belmonte III vs. Revo Ranger vs. Peter Versoza

A lot of crazy items and stunts occurred in this 6-man all out war match. All six competitors really took it to the limit with one crazy move after the other. We saw items such as a DVD player, vegetables, and small tables that were in play at ringside. Brutal highlights included the triple powerbomb on AB3 on a wooden table. Alexander Belmonte III became the THIRD All Out War Champion after he delivered the Belmonte Driver on Peter Versoza, who landed on the thumbtacks.

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