PWR Superstar Spotlight: Rederick Mahaba


pwr-live-3-product-orientation-2Rederick delivering the Jaccolade on Bruno Bernardo

For those of you who do NOT know who the man in the picture above is (yes, that dude rubbing his ‘business’ on another dude), then let me introduce you to him. He is the Intimate Warrior, the Afrodesiac, the King of Schlong Style, he is….Rederick Mahaba!

Rederick Mahaba had his PWR debut at PWR Live 2. We have seen him in high profile matches such as his debut match against the Perfect 10, Main Maxx. He was also part of the path of gold match and had a good showing. Heck, he even went toe-to-toe with the former PWR Champion, Bryan Leo. While he was sadly on the losing end of those matches, the revo-nation saw the big heart of this big man. Don’t be fooled by his romantic charm and teddy bear esque physique. He is deadly in the ring as he is huggable to the ladies. Rederick is deceivingly quick and agile for a man his size. He’s also one who can use his strength to throw his opponents around the ring.

pwr-live-3-mahabang-usapan Rederick Mahaba with the PWR Champion, Ralph Imabayashi

He is also known for his knack of entertainment. If he’s not throwing his opponents around or locking them in the dreaded Jaccolade (inverted camel clutch), you can see him at ringside as the host of PWR’s Mahabang Usapan. Charming, charismatic, and powerful, Rederick Mahaba might be one of PWR’s rising stars. We caught PWR’s Love Machine backstage and we were glad that he was game for a brief interview.

Q: Mr. Mahaba, we’d like to know when you started to become a wrestling fan and then go on to become a PWR wrestler. What was your journey?

Mahaba: “The dream [to become a pro wrestler] started, like how most fans started, when I was young. I was no exception to that rule. Hulk Hogan was my first idol, and then Bret Hart, and then Chris Jericho, and then CM Punk, and all the other guys. Pretty much in my adult life, it was just me finding anyone within the vicinity to train me in wrestling because I’ve always wanted to do it. I found PWR. I joined the boot camp. One year later, I’m part of the PWR roster.”

Q: How can you describe your wrestling style to those who have yet to see you perform inside the wrestling ring?

Mahaba: “My style is deceptively fast. Just like in the Path of Gold tournament, I threw my body around the competition. I like to smother my opponents with my…manly glory [Jaccolade].”

Q: Since the year is still young, does Rederick Mahaba have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?

Mahaba: “I don’t. I keep it the way it is. That’s what I hate about New Year’s. Is your life bad that you need a resolution? My life is good man. I feel blessed because I fulfilled one of my dreams.

I don’t care if I’m a champ or whatever. So I’m just gonna keep rolling and keep doing what I do.”

PWR-Live-3-Leo-Mahaba-3Scarlett gives Rederick a slap

Q: Speaking of dreams, we do know that getting a chance to date Scarlett of the Royal Flush is one of them. We’ve seen you get 2 chances (a match against Main Maxx in PWR Live 2 and then against Bryan Leo at PWR Live 3) but have lost in both instances. Is two times enough? Or will you try to get Scarlett’s affection for a third time?

Mahaba: “You don’t stop at a second chance. You keep on trying. That’s what my Daddy told me. If you want it, you get it. That’s like the ‘Mahaba Way’. All night long, baby!”

pwr-live-3-mahabang-usapan-1Scarlett and Rederick = A possible pair in the future?

If there’s one thing I can gather from our short interview, it’s that we shouldn’t stop trying. This doesn’t just pertain to the matters of the heart, but in other aspects in life. I’d like to give a huge thank you to Mr. Mahaba for giving us an interview. The future looks bright for Rederick at PWR. There’s no doubt that he will break his losing streak soon as he knows how to give his opponents some hard hitting offense.

And maybe, just maybe, he’ll get the girl (Scarlett) in the end because he won’t give up until he does. Just like he said..that’s the Mahaba Way, baybeeeh!

MAHABAIDOL(From: PWR Official FB page)

Don’t forget, you can catch Rederick take on The Network’s James “Idol” Martinez in at PWR Vendetta 2!

PWR In-Ring Images by: Hub Pacheco


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