PWR Renaissance: The Inmates Have Taken Over


PWR Renaissance: The Inmates Have Taken Over

One of Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s major yearly shows is fast approaching and it is turning out to become one of the most chaotic events in PWR history. On October 8, 2016 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center, PWR Renaissance returns for its third installment and it looks like the inmates have officially taken over the asylum. With no physical authority figure overseeing the events transpiring during PWR events, the promotion has seemingly devolved into a state of disorder and the wrestlers themselves have taken to going into business for themselves especially during the previous PWR Live event. However, where there is chaos, there is sure to be some great wrestling action and that is what PWR Renaissance has in store for the Revo-Nation. Championship matches, grudge matches, wrestlers looking to prove a point, and even ALL OUT WAR will ensue and here are the matchups that will be in store for us come show day.

Ralph Imabayashi vs. James “IDOL” Martinez

                We will be getting a first time matchup at PWR Renaissance between the fire underdog, Ralph Imabayashi, and the leader of The Network, James “IDOL” Martinez. Even though this may be a first time matchup, there’s some history between these two men. At the previous show, after Ralph Imabayashi suffered a loss, IDOL came out to try and persuade Ralph to try out his newest product, the King Kong Kangkong, and ultimately sway Ralph into joining The Network to put him back on his winning ways. Ralph would have no part in it as he proceeded to Sonic Crusher IDOL and leave him laying which is what led us to this first time matchup. Will Ralph Imabayashi be able to knock off IDOL from the top of the pyramid or will the leader of The Network make an example out of Imabayashi?

Fighters 4 Hire vs. Delirium

                Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s tag team division is starting to take shape as we will see the debuting tag team of Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson known as Delirium go through the ring of fire and face a tried and tested tag team in the Fighters 4 Hire. Delirium’s athleticism is no laughing matter but the aggression and ruthlessness of Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales have already solidified them as one of the top teams in PWR today. Will we see a huge upset by the young and hungry Delirium or will we see the Fighters 4 Hire take these young wrestlers to town?

Rederick Mahaba vs. Peter Versoza

                In what is sure to be a very interesting clash of styles, “The Intimate Warrior” Rederick Mahaba will take on “P to the V” Peter Versoza in another first time matchup. In the previous PWR Live event, Mahaba and Versoza would be parts in two separate entities trying to get the talented Crystal to join them but as PWR’s resident female competitor refused, the Royal Flush would proceed to beat down both Mahaba and Crystal and Versoza would eventually hit Mahaba with his patented Petegree. With momentum on both wrestlers’ sides, will we see Mahaba continue his winning streak against P to the V or will Versoza knock off the king of schlong style?

The YOLO Twins vs. Beer Promdi

                In what they refer to as the greatest debut in PWR history last PWR Live, the YOLO twins would incorporate a bit of “twin magic” to not only get the win against Mark D. Manalo but also leave the Revo-Nation in complete and utter disbelief. Through all the YOLO Twins’ gloating, however, Mark D. Manalo and Kanto Terror would not take that kind of win lying down and they would proceed to challenge the YOLO Twins to a tag team match at PWR Renaissance. It will not only be a clash of styles but it’s also a clash of lifestyles. Will the YOLO Twins be able to topple Beer Promdi in their tag team debut or will the experience of Mark D. Manalo and Kanto Terror prove too much for the youngbloods of PWR?


PHX Championship #1 Contender’S Match: Chino Guinto vs. SANDATA

                The feud between the golden boy of The Network, Chino Guinto, and the pinoy tecnico, SANDATA, will finally reach a boiling point at PWR Renaissance. Chino has had the upper hand in this rivalry ever since March of this year and he has been a constant thorn in SANDATA’s side always besting him in any event they are in. SANDATA would finally lose his cool at the previous PWR Live event where Chino Guinto would once again make fun of SANDATA and the masked PWR wrestler would proceed to try and rip Chino’s leg off with his ankle lock. At PWR Renaissance, not only will we see SANDATA face off against Chino Guinto but it will be in a #1 Contenders match for the PHX title. SANDATA also seems to want to take this match one step further by petitioning to turn it into a submission match but that will be up to the PWR Board to decide. At PWR Renaissance, will Chino Guinto continue to best the pinoy tecnico or will SANDATA finally overcome the golden boy of The Network?


ALL OUT WAR: Chris Panzer vs. The Apocalypse

                The Apocalypse and Chris Panzer have a rivalry that stems from utter hate and it will culminate in the most dangerous match in PWR – ALL OUT WAR. At PWR Live: The Shawdown, these two individuals were embroiled in a three way match with John Sebastian for the chance to become the #1 contender for the PWR Championship. Ultimately, neither man won the bout but due to his anger for what transpired, The Apocalypse decided to take his frustrations out on the leader of the Panzer army. Panzer, not one to back down from a fight, decided to challenge The Apocalypse on his own playing field which is ALL OUT WAR. At PWR Renaissance, will we see Panzer fight the odds and slay the monster or will The Apocalypse leave a path of destruction with Panzer as the victim?



PHX CHAMPIONSHIP: Main Maxx (c) vs. Crystal

                This might very well be the biggest David & Goliath match in PWR history. After refusing invitations from the group formerly known as the Royal Flush and Rederick Mahaba to team up, Crystal was on the receiving end of a beat down courtesy of Main Maxx, John Sebastian, and Peter Versoza. To add insult to injury, Main Maxx would take the contract that was supposedly for the match between Scarlett and Crystal and he would sign it making a match between himself and Crystal official for PWR Renaissance. The PWR Board, however, would make this match a title match for the PHX championship due to Main Maxx’s actions. With the PHX title now on the line, will we see the biggest upset and title change in PWR history or will Main Maxx destroy Crystal and stake his claim as the king of Philippine Hybrid X?


PWR CHAMPIONSHIP: “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon (c) vs. John Sebastian

                It seems that no matter where Jake De Leon turns, there’s always trouble around the corner for the PWR champion and this trouble takes the shape of the self-proclaimed wrestling lord and saviour, John Sebastian. These two men are no strangers to each other. Jake De Leon was the first man John Sebastian ever faced, they crossed paths in the Senyorito’s war against the Royal Flush and now they will butt heads at PWR Renaissance for the PWR Championship. Before PWR Renaissance would come around, John Sebastian would send a message to the Senyorito. During the main event at PWR Live: The Shawdown where Jake De Leon was facing Main Maxx, John Sebastian and Peter Versoza would storm the ring and beat down Jake De Leon to stake John Sebastian’s claim on the top prize in PWR and adding more fuel to an already very combustible rivalry. At PWR Renaissance, will the Senyorito retain his PWR Championship or will the self-proclaimed wrestling lord and saviour finally be crowned the king of Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

PWR Renaissance will be on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center located at Kapitolyo, Pasig and the event will start at 6PM sharp. Tickets are available at The Appraisery in Cubao Expo & Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop in Pergola Mall & Circuit and they will also be available for selling online. Just send a message to PWR’s Facebook page, email pwr.tickets@gmail.com or send a text message to 0942-000-2007 for more details on how to purchase tickets online. Lastly, tickets will also be available at the door in the Bayanihan Center on October 8. Tickets are P400 each and it will be Open Seating. See you at PWR Renaissance, Revo-Nation!

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