PWR presents: VENDETTA

PWR presents: VENDETTA


After the events of PWR Live this past January, it’s easy to say that Philippine Wrestling Revolution started the year off with a bang and left us with a lot of issues that need to be settled going into PWR Vendetta on February 20 at the iAcademy Auditorium. With challenges that need to be answered and grudges that need to be addressed, there is no doubt in everyone’s mind that Vendetta will live up to its name.



Rederick Mahaba vs. James “Idol” Martinez

Two of the newest and most popular PWR wrestlers will square off against each other for the first time at PWR Vendetta. After a losing effort by Rederick Mahaba against “Classical” Bryan Leo at PWR Live, James “Idol” Martinez and The Network decided to rub salt on Mahaba’s fresh wound (and freshly broken heart). After giving their product orientation with Mahaba still in the ring, The Network decided to do a little product demonstration and poured an entire bottle of their POWER power drink on Mahaba’s face. Much to their dismay, however, the drink woke up a sleeping beast in Mahaba and he laid waste to the network and capped it off with a Jaccolade to The Network’s big man, Bruno Bernardo. Now, at PWR Vendetta, will “Idol” and The Network’s products give him the edge or will Rederick Mahaba finally get his first win in PWR and will it lead to winning Scarlett’s heart?



SANDATA vs. “Cold Heart” Joey Bax

In a match that fully personifies the theme of Vendetta, SANDATA will take on the Fighter 4 Hire, “Cold Heart” Joey Bax. Suffice to say that there is no love lost between these two individuals. Joey Bax took out SANDATA (and got a good payday out of it thanks to Peter Versoza) back at PWR Terminus.

Then this past PWR Live, SANDATA returned the favor when he punished Joey Bax and almost broke his leg. Now, at PWR Vendetta, these two men will finally settle their differences in the PWR ring.

Will Joey Bax take care of SANDATA like it’s business as usual or will SANDATA get some payback along with his first ever win in PWR?


John Sebastian vs. Mark D. Manalo

A rivalry that’s been brewing since December last year, the Royal Flush’s “Ace in the Hole,” John Sebastian will take on everyone’s favorite promdi, Mark D. Manalo. Mark D. Manalo is still looking for justice after John Sebastian decided to go into business for himself and cut off what was left of the Batangueno’s hair after his grueling match with the Apocalypse at PWR Terminus. This singles match should between Manalo and Sebastian have happened at PWR Live this past January but thanks to some shenanigans from the Royal Flush, it was not meant to be. At PWR Vendetta, these two individuals will be looking to finally settle the score. Will John Sebastian assert his dominance over Mark D. Manalo or will the pride of Batangas notch a victory and finally get his payback over the Ace of the Royal Flush?



Peter Versoza vs. Crystal

Philippine Wrestling Revolution is set to make a tremendous mark in the history of professional wrestling in the country once again as they introduce the first ever inter-gender singles match featuring the party boy, Peter Versoza, and the now former female ring announcer, Crystal. After a tough loss to Bombay Suarez at PWR Live, Peter Versoza decided to take out his frustrations and unluckily for Crystal, Versoza decided to take it out on her. After being disrespected by Peter Versoza, Crystal couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore and decided to challenge him to a match at PWR Vendetta. After Mr. Sy declared the match official, Peter sealed the deal on their match in the form of not one, but two ‘Petegrees’ to Crystal. Come PWR Vendetta, history will indeed be made but will it be “P to the V” standing tall or will we see what will arguably be the biggest upset in professional wrestling for the year 2016?



PATH OF GOLD OPPORTUNITY ON THE LINE: Main Maxx vs. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon (PoG)

Last year at PWR Terminus, we saw the inaugural Path of Gold tournament where 8 wrestlers compete for the chance to challenge for either the PHX championship or the PWR championship. As we saw in December last year, the first ever winner of the Path of Gold Tournament was “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon, but one man believes that Jake De Leon is not the rightful owner of that opportunity and that man is “The Perfect 10” Main Maxx. At the Path of Gold tournament, Main Maxx was taken out due to an injury he sustained during the match which meant he was never pinned or submitted to be eliminated. At PWR Live, after teaming up with John Sebastian to defeat the tag team of Jake De Leon and Mark D. Manalo, Main Maxx made his intentions clear and challenged Jake De Leon for the Path of Gold opportunity to which Mr. Sy gladly accepted and made official. Will Jake De Leon be able to hold on to his opportunity for headlining Wrevolution X or will Main Maxx rightfully stake his claim as the true Path of Gold winner.



PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: “Classical” Bryan Leo vs. Ralph Imabayashi (c)

The rematch that everyone has been waiting for will finally happen on February 20 at PWR Vendetta as the former champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo, will take on reigning champion, Ralph Imabayashi, for the PWR title. After losing the title at PWR Terminus last year, Bryan Leo has been very quiet and methodical on the topic of the Ralph Imabayashi and the PWR Championship leading up to PWR Live. That is where we learned that the King of the Royal Flush would be utilizing his rematch clause at PWR Vendetta but that would not be the only thing we would learn that night, however. After a grueling title defense against The Apocalypse at PWR Live, Ralph Imabayashi stood tall as the champ but it wouldn’t be for long as the Royal Flush came in to crash the party and destroyed Imabayashi less than a month away from Vendetta. Bryan Leo made his intentions coming into Vendetta very clear shouting “ONE MONTH!” to indicate that he will make sure the PWR Championship goes around his waist once again. Do not be fooled, however, because Ralph Imabayashi has defeated Bryan Leo in the past and from what we saw in his match against The Apocalypse, he certainly has the heart and will to do it again. At PWR Vendetta, will we see the return of Bryan Leo’s first world reign or will the half-Filipino half-Japanese sensation successfully defend his title?



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PWR Vendetta will be on Saturday,February 20, 2016 at the iAcademy Auditorium located at the iAcademy Plaza, H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City and the event will start at 7PM with a pre-show happening at 6PM. Tickets are now available at The Appraisery until February 19 and they will also be available at the door in iAcademy Auditorium on February 20. Standard Tickets are P350 and VIP Tickets are P400 each.See you at the iAcademy Auditorium for PWR Vendetta, Revo-Nation!


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