PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday


With the success of the third annual PWR Renaissance, Philippine Wrestling Revolution returns to the UNILAB Bayanihan Center in Kapitolyo, Pasig for another round of high-octane wrestling action! Dubbed PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday, the show will be held on—you guessed it—a Sunday (rather than the usual Saturday) on November 13th, 2016 at 2PM.

PWR has a lot of exciting matches lined up for PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday featuring quite a few newly-formed tag teams, yet another inter-gender match, a PHX Championship match between SANDATA and the longest-reigning PHX Champion Main Maxx, and of course the much-anticipated PWR Championship rematch between defending champion Jake De Leon and John Sebastian in a Bacolod Bullrope Match!

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to it.


PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday will be featuring quite a few tag team matches, which begs the question—is PWR gearing up for a Tag Team Division? Here are the tag team matches confirmed for the upcoming live show:

  • YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) vs. Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)
  • Fighters 4 Hire (Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax) vs. Mike Madrigal and a mystery tag partner who Madrigal has yet to announce

The PWR roster is more stacked than ever, allowing the promotion to showcase more tag team matches—which is always a good thing. After all, PWR is known for great tag team matches!


A certain Mel from HR has requested the entire downline congregation to gather for a special State of The Network Address at PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday. During the S.O.N.A., James “Idol” Martinez will be sharing with everybody the current status of The Network in PWR.

In addition, The Network’s big boss will also be recognizing the most outstanding downlines and will be issuing an official announcement to their competitors.

What’s happening up there at the top of the pyramid? Is The Network doing okay financially? I guess we’ll all just have to find out together.


The first time we saw the hard-hitting, skull-mask-wearing slugger Keivan Skull was at Wrevolution X 2016’s pre-show. And come PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday, Keivan Skull will finally be joining the main roster and will be going up against PWR’s resident fighting-gamer Vintendo! Two fighters with two very different styles in one ring… this will surely be an entertaining one!

But the question on everyone’s minds: will Vintendo finally get his first-ever professional wrestling win in Keivan Skull, or is it ‘game over’ once again for the fighting-gamer?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch to find out!


Panzer has it all—the talent, the physique, and the charisma—to become one of PWR’s two champions. But he can’t seem to get a break! Not even to become a title contender. The last time we saw Chris, he was left a bloody mess by the Apocalypse who decided to swing a light tube across his back. Another loss to his record and thirteen stitches after, Chris Panzer is back to face his next opponent…

“The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto. Fans love to hate him. Oozing with charisma and talent. Handpicked to become the #1 Contender for the PHX Title. He was on his way to the top… until SANDATA came along to thwart his championship plans. Now, Chino Guinto finds himself back to a place where he has to claw himself back up to contender status.

Chino Guinto and Chris Panzer will face each other in a very important match at PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday. Both are desperate for a win they both badly need. And whoever gets that win will get back on track to the race to the top of PWR.



A lot has happened for Crystal since her debut early this year. And just last month, she went up against the longest-reigning PHX Champion Main Maxx. It was a clear size mismatch. But the match went down the wire and could’ve swung either way. In the end, however, it was Maxx’s experience that got him the W and a successful title defense.

Crystal gave Main Maxx the fight of his life, and he knew it. Maxx raised Crystal’s hand after the match as a show of respect. The cheers stop. Peter Versoza interrupts the celebration. As if to remind Maxx that in their stable there is no room for softness, Versoza places a trash can over Crystal’s head and enziguris the hell out of her.

At PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday, Crystal finds herself back in the ring with Peter Versoza. Will we see the same ending as their last meeting? Or will Versoza finally know his place and learn to respect Crystal’s talents?



SANDATA’s journey was not an easy one. He started off as one-half of the defunct and winless Dual Shock with Peter Versoza. As a singles competitor, he also had his fair share of losses and disappointments. But finally, last PWR Renaissance, he was able to secure a spot for a #1 Contender’s Match for the PHX Championship after beating the cocky Chino Guinto. And at PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday, SANDATA will be coming into his toughest competition and his biggest opportunity yet.

Main Maxx, on the other hand, has everything to lose. He is currently the longest-reigning PHX Champion, and the pressure of defending the Title show-after-show is getting to him. On top of that, with the Royal Flush crumbling after the exit of two key members, Main Maxx has no one left to trust but himself. But knowing Main Maxx, he always comes out of those curtains razor-focused.

How much longer can Main Maxx hold on to his prized title? Is SANDATA’s fighting spirit enough to trample Maxx’s championship experience?



It has been absolute chaos during the months following PWR General Manager Mr. Sy’s firing at Wrevolution X early this year. Without management, it was John Sebastian and his boys running the place. Thus allowing the self-proclaimed “Wrestling Lord and Savior” to bypass everyone else and land a PWR Title shot against “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon.

John Sebastian, however, lost to the champ after a classic match at the third annual PWR Renaissance held last month. He asks for a rematch he clearly does not deserve. In a desperate move, Sebastian calls up Mr. Sy and reinstates him as General Manager of PWR… but ONLY IF he is given a PWR Championship rematch against Jake De Leon.

Mr. Sy agreed to give John Sebastian his rematch. The clincher: PWR Champion Jake De Leon gets to decide the stipulations of the match. “The Senyorito” announced to a roaring crowd that he intends to keep his title and defend it under familiar circumstances—a Bacolod Bullrope Championship Match.

Jake De Leon and John Sebastian will be tied on either end of a 10-foot bullrope — leaving no room to run away from each other. There will be no count-outs, no submissions, and no disqualifications. The only way to win is by pinfall inside the PWR ring. The victor is crowned Philippine Wrestling Revolution Champion!

All of these matches and more go down at PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday on November 13th, 2016, 2PM, at the UNILAB Bayanihan Center!

Tickets are now available at special rates at The Appraisery (Cubao Expo), Wingman (Malugay St., Makati), and PlayBook Video Game Lounge (Circuit Makati and Pergola Mall, Paranaque branches) until November 12.

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Tickets will still be available at the venue gate at P400 each. So it’s best to get your tickets early!