PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll


NO TRICKS, JUST HARD HITS as Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll. Come join us on October 21st at 500 Shaw Events Pavilion for an afternoon of fearless rasslin’ to ring in Halloween! Come in your best wrestling-themed Halloween costume for a chance to win exclusive prizes and goodies from your favorite wrestling promotion.

Here are just some of the exciting matches you can look forward to:

PWR Championship

Ralph Imabayashi (c) v. Mike Madrigal


Winning the title of Kampeon ng Pilipinas is no easy task. But staying Kampeon ng Pilipinas for as long as Ralph Imabayashi has — for all of 7 months — can take a toll on the strongest of men. Title defense after title defense, challenges grow bigger and scarier. And Ralph Imabayashi just might be facing his scariest and most challenging opponent yet at PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll… known for his trash talking and unbelievable strength, former Philippine Hybrid X Champion, Mike Madrigal. Imabayashi is known to never back down from a challenge, but Madrigal eats death for breakfast.

PHX Championship

Jake De Leon (c) v. Ken Warren v. Chris Panzer


The current symbol of Philippine Wrestling Excellence, Jake De Leon, has set the bar pretty high early into his reign as he took the W during his first PHX Championship defense against London Lucha League’s Tengu. After a grueling contest of might, guts, and technicality, it seems the Senyorito has his work already cut out for him in the weeks to come as Ken Warren refocuses on reclaiming the PHX Championship and Chris Panzer throwing himself into the fray. Sure, Tengu is one tough S.O.B., but De Leon has to work twice as hard as he becomes the newest, biggest, shiniest target for two former champions in Warren and Panzer.

PWR Tag Team Championship

The Naughty Boys (c) v. The End Game


Stepping out of the darkness of the PWR pre-show and into the bright lights of PWR Tag Team Championship gold come The End Game’s Jan Evander and Super Vintendo as they challenge for Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre’s red and blue straps. The End Game has called out the PWR Tag Team Champs to a title match to test if the power of the Naughty Boys’ friendship can withstand the power of science! The newly-formed supervillain group recently destroyed (and we mean destroyed) Bolt and the Revo Ranger.

All Out War Championship

Alexander Belmonte III v. The Apocalypse


All Our War Champion Alexander Belmonte III, known as the Warlord, is not afraid to face anyone who challenges for his precious title. Any man, anywhere, anytime. But Belmonte III has never faced anyone like this. The monster Apocalypse, for those who need a refresher, is the inaugural All Out War Champion of PWR and is just about ready to take back what once was his. The Warlord will have to dig down deep and channel his darkest, most dangerous side to be able to conquer someone as vicious and merciless as the Apocalypse.

Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba v. Vlad Sinnsyk


Both coming from huge losses from their respective matches during the last PWR LIVE, Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba and Vlad Sinnsyk look to get back on track and in winning form by beating the hell out of each other. Sinnsyk lost to his former tag team partner, Mike Madrigal; and Mahaba lost to Alexander Belmonte III in PWR’s first-ever Baking Pan Match for the All Out War Championship. Both men will come out those curtains swinging and hungry for a win.

John Sebastian v. Martivo


Martivo is on fire! After coming out on top of two international wrestlers — Chris Panzer and SANDATA — back-to-back, the Man Doll finds himself in a red-hot winning streak. Now, the rainbow flag bearer of PWR seeks to accomplish a hat-trick as he faces off with the vocal and dangerous John Sebastian, also an international wrestling star. Sebastian is the 50% owner of Philippine Wrestling Revolution and is known as the Lord and Savior of Philippine Wrestling. Will Martivo come out on top of this one as he has before or will he bow down to the great lord Sebastian?

Camus and Tutan v. MSG (Main Maxx and SANDATA w/ Mr. Sy)


SANDATA has joined the Mr. Sy Group (aka MSG) to tag alongside former PHX Champion Main Maxx. It is MSG’s goal to become the most dominant tag team in PWR. And with SANDATA’s technical wrestling abilities and Main Maxx brute strength and sheer size, it is not difficult to imagine the two just tearing through the PWR tag team division. The first on their list are the crowd favorites, The Naughty Boys’ Camus and Officer Tutan, who MSG mustn’t take lightly. The explosive duo dishes out unexpected tag team moves that have been proven effective against anyone who dares stand in their way.


QUATRO v. Emman “The Kid”


QUATRO was unsuccessful in his quest to take the PWR Championship for himself as he challenged for Ralph Imabayashi’s title last month. He almost had it, actually, had it not been for the referee’s reversal of the 3-count after seeing Imabayashi’s foot under the ropes at the end of their match. Now, the Light Bringer QUATRO is faced with his next challenge: Malaysia Pro-Wrestling’s (MyPW) Emman “The Kid”. And quite frankly, QUATRO has never faced anyone like Emman — no one as agile and lightning quick as Malaysia’s golden boy.

YOLO Twins vs KakaiBros


The KakaiBros’ Mh4rckie has been missing since PWR LIVE: Homefront, and his partner (read: “fartner”) Kh3ndrick has been worried sick. After days of searching and worrying, Kh3ndrick receives an anonymous video tipping the YOLO Twins off as responsible for the disappearance of his “brother from mother another”. In the said video, we see Yohann and Logan beating the life out of poor Mh4rckie and stuffing him into their sedan’s trunk before driving off in a hurry to which the YOLO Twins denied was them. We could only pray for Mh4rckie’s safety and Kh3ndrick’s peace of mind.

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