PWR Live: Road to Vendetta

PWR Live: Road to Vendetta



PWR Live is returning in the month of January and for the first time in their existence, Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be holding the event on a Sunday for the whole family to enjoy! On January 31, 2016 at the iAcademy Auditorium, PWR will kick off the new year with a ton of action, great matchups, and a lot of questions that need to be answered after the shocking events that transpired at PWR Terminus where now reigning PWR Champion, Ralph Imabayashi, defeated former champion “Classical” Bryan Leo for the PWR Championship. New Year, New Schedule, New Champion, and Unlimited Possibilities.



Bombay Suarez vs. Peter Versoza

The heart and soul of PWR, Bombay Suarez, will be meeting the party boy of the North, Peter Versoza, for the first time ever in one-on-one action. Both of these men were combatants in the first ever Path of Gold tournament at PWR Terminus and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that one of the most shocking moments in that match was when Peter Versoza eliminated Bombay Suarez with the Petegree. It was so shocking that when it happened, you could literally hear a pin drop in the iAcademy Auditorium. At PWR Live, will we see Peter Versoza stand tall against Bombay Suarez or will the B***killer put the party on hold?



Ken Warren returns from the #KWsUSAHolidayTour

That’s right, Revo-nation! After his absence from PWR Terminus, we will see the return of the “Face of Facebook,” the “OG of IG” and “Twitter’s formerly favorite and now most liked,” the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren, back in a PWR ring after his lengthy vacation to the United States. What’s does the “#CandidAttentionBandit” have in store for PWR upon his return? Only Ken Warren himself can answer that and as you all know, you can #THAT.



Chris Panzer vs. Joey Bax

As we all know from PWR Terminus, the leader of the Panzer Army, Chris Panzer, will be making his way to Malaysia to challenge for the MyPW Southeast Asian championship soon and there’s nothing in his way. Nothing except the tag team partner of the man he defeated for that opportunity, Fighter 4 Hire Joey Bax. After a devastating Panzerschreck that has indefinitely put Miguel Rosales on the shelf, Joey Bax took it upon himself to challenge Panzer and make sure he doesn’t make his flight to Malaysia. Will “Coldheart” Joey Bax crush the pioneer of Panzermonium or will Panzer be able to will his way to a victory and gain some much needed momentum for his shot in Malaysia?



The Network’s Official Product Orientation

Get ready to wear some green and bring along some Starbucks because The Network will be hosting their first official orientation at PWR Live! Come with an open mind and learn the fundamentals of salesmanship from the IDOL himself, James Martinez, together with his associate Bruno Bernardo. Come as you are, and emerge a better (and richer) you! If one’s thing for sure, you won’t attend a product orientation like this anywhere else.



John Sebastian vs. Mark D. Manalo

Revenge is a dish best served cold and Mark D. Manalo is looking to deliver a frost-bitten fist to John Sebastian’s face come PWR Live. At PWR Terminus, after a valiant, inspiring, but ultimately losing effort against The Apocalypse, Mark D. Manalo had to get his hair chopped off per stipulation. What surprised everyone however was what came after the damage by The Apocalypse was done. To blow off some steam from his loss earlier in the night, John Sebastian decided to rub salt on a very fresh wound on Mark D. Manalo and did not only did he further beat up PWR’s resident promdi but he also proceeded to make a very bad haircut from The Apocalypse much worse. At PWR Live, will we see Mark D. Manalo get his retribution or will John Sebastian once again remind us why he’s the Ace of the Royal Flush?



PWR Championship Fallout

In professional wrestling, 3 seconds can make a bigimpact on a couple of lives and back at PWR Terminus, 3 seconds impacted the lives of both the former PWR Champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo and the reigning PWR champion, Ralph Imabayashi. At PWR Live, we will see both sides of the spectrum. On January 31, not only will we get to see Ralph Imabayashi celebrate his well-deserved championship win but we will also get to hear from the King of the Royal Flush on how he feels after losing his prized possession and if he’ll be cashing in his rematch that night. Suffice to say, the PWR Championship scene is hotter than ever and it will be made apparent at PWR Live.


Catch the first Philippine Wrestling Revolution show for 2016! PWR Live will be on Sunday, January 31, 2015 at the iAcademy Auditorium located at the iAcademy Plaza, H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City and the event will start at 7PM. Tickets will beavailable at The Appraisery starting January 16 until January 30 and they will also be available at the door in iAcademy Auditorium on January 31. Standard Tickets are P350 and VIP Tickets are P400 each.See you at the iAcademy Auditorium for PWR Live, Revo-Nation!


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