PWR Live: Results from Bakbakan sa Bayanihan

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-trex“BAKBAKAN NA!”

PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan was the pit stop for Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) before it heads to SMX for PWRxAPCC 2017 and it was an exhilarating event. Here’s what you missed:

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pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-brad-cruzBrad Cruz secures a win

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-vintendo-boltVintendo vs Bolt

Pre-Show Notes

We have witnessed the dashing Brad Cruz getting his first PWR victory over Trabajador Quatro by pinfall. We also saw the debuting Revo Ranger fend off a dangerous Tyranosaurus Rex with his patented Revo-Kick. Finally, Bolt had a victory over the “Raging Gamer” Vintend0 after the latter was disqualified for delivering a low blow to the anime-zing fighter.

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-apocApocalypse, NOW

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-tdt-apoc-laddersLadder Wars!

All Out War: The Apocalypse vs. Trian Dela Torre

The show kicked off with Trian Dela Torre trying to go 3-0 against the Apocalypse in the All Out War match. He used everything at his disposal, including GrabCamus. But the Midget Wrestling Champion could not fight back from the Death Bell.

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-apoc-trianTrian holds a trombone as he awaits Apocalypse

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-aow-beltMatt Roxas with the new PWR Belt: All Out War Championship

After his victory, the Apocalypse was awarded the new All Out War Title by PWR Senior Referee Matt Roxas.

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-punk-dollsPunk Dolls

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-martivo-khendrickMartivo vs Kh3ndrick

The Kakaibr0s (Kh3ndrick and Mh4rkie) vs. the Punk Dolls (Robynn and Martivo)

Robynn and Martivo wanted to continue their hot streak in the tag division but the Br0s were in the way. Kh3ndrick and Mh4rkie tried to steal a win against the Punk Dolls, but Robynn and Martivo disposed of the Kakaibr0s with their respective finishers and won the match.

PWR-Live-Bakbakan-sa-Unilab–Results-when-in-manila-sandataSANDATA prepares the “Huling Bala”

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-vlad-sandataVlad hoists SANDATA up

Vlad Sinnsyk vs. SANDATA

Vlad Sinnsyk faced SANDATA in a quest to prove his partner (Mike Madrigal) wrong. SANDATA took Vlad to the limit with his arsenal of hard kicks and strikes. Sinnsyk secured the much needed win after he avoided SANDATA’s “Huling Bala” and pinned him with the Muscle Buster.

PWR-Live-Bakbakan-sa-Unilab–Results-when-in-manila-yolo-twinsYOLO Twins and Ken Warren

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-networkThe Network

PWR Tag Team Title Match: The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) © (w/ Ken Warren) vs. The Network (Alexander Belmonte III and James “Idol” Martinez)

The Tag Team Champs arrived ringside with their belts nowhere to be found after it was stolen at the previous show. The Network arrived at ringside with the belts and ring announcer Pocholo Estrada told them, under the PWR Board’s instructions, to hand over the belts back to the Twins before the contest began.



AB3 dominated the early goings of the match. The YOLO Twins would isolate James “Idol” Martinez for the majority of the match with frequent tags and double teams. Idol used a desperation (without AB3’s assistance) bodyslam before he tagged out to AB3. Ken Warren interfered and allowed the twins to blast their opponents with their tag team title belts. Idol miraculously kicked out after a belt shot. Idol wouldn’t fare so well after the twins delivered a double super kick and pinned him with the Two-Night Stand.

pwr-live-bakbakan-sa-unilab-results-yolo-winAnd still…

The champs laid out their opponents after the match to prove that the YOLO Twins are at the top of the PWR tag team mountain.

PWR-Live-Bakbakan-sa-Unilab–Results-when-in-manila-chinoChino Guinto

Thank You, Chino/Warren’s Challenger

The PHX Champion Chino Guinto went ringside to announce his injury status. He said that he will be out for 8 to 10 months due to his ACL tear. He promised that he will be back, better, bade and more #Blessed than ever. He left ringside to a “Thank You, Chino” chant from the crowd.


Ken Warren appeared moments upon Chino’s exit and said he was promised a match after Guinto couldn’t compete due to injury. PWR Ring Announcer Poch Estrada confirmed that he did have a match and it was against Dax Xaviera.

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