PWR Live: Manila Madness Results


Philippine Wrestling Revolution went on tour for the latest iteration of PWR Live. Its stop was at the Tanduay Covered Court in Legarda St. Manila and let me tell you that it was a night to remember. The event featured some familiar faces, a return of a PWR favorite, and a rift amongst good friends.



Welcome to PWR Live: Manila Madness!

The show started with Mr. Sy appearing at ringside to welcome the audience. He thanked us for joining them tonight. Mr. Sy promised the Revo-Nation that they will see one great event.

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-idol-mahaba1The Network

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-idol-mahaba-2The Network discuss some business while Rederick Mahaba (inside the ring) looks on

James “Idol” Martinez vs Rederick Mahaba

The match was originally scheduled to pit mortal enemies Rederick Mahaba and James Martinez in a one-on-one match. However, the leader of The Network questioned the logic of Mr. Sy for making a rematch when, clearly, Idol won over Rederick the last time. James “Idol” Martinez went to the outside and decided between Bruno Bernardo and Chino Guinto as to who will replace him in this matchup. In the end, he chose…

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-chino-idol-1Idol observes the action going on inside the ring

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-chino-mahaba-2Mahaba locks in the Jaccolade!

“The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto vs Rederick Mahaba

Both men were looking for their first respective singles win and tonight, one will finally get that W. The crowd was merciless as they showered the Golden Boy of The Network with “f*** you, Chino!” chants throughout the match. Rederick imposed himself against the smaller opponent with a hard front slam. Rederick Mahaba pinned Chino after a splash, but only got a 2. Rederick connected with another splash but still got a 2 count. Mahaba tried to go for a Jaccolade in the early going, but The Golden Boy slithered out of the ring. Idol distracted the Intimate Warrior at one point of the match to allow Guinto to take control of the match. Guinto started to attack Rederick’s leg for the duration of the match. The Network would use their numbers advantage yet again when Bruno choked Rederick on the corner while the ref’s back was turned. Mahaba started to fight back with a few headbutts and a hard corner splash on Guinto. Mahaba finally trapped Guinto with the dreaded Jaccolade! Guinto snuck in some Idol Supplements into his system while Rederick was distracted once more by James Martinez. Guinto surprised Rederick with the single knee facebreaker (similar to Y2J’s ‘Codebreaker’). Guinto attempted his “Gold Digger” finisher, but Redereick got out of the way just in time. Rederick grabbed Guinto and sent him down with the PAPA Powerbomb. Idol broke the pinfall attempt and the referee had no choice but to award the match to Rederick Mahaba via Disqualification.

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-chino-mahaba-3Bruno Bernardo enters the ring and readies his attack on Mahaba

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-chino-mahaba-4The Network assaults Rederick Mahaba

After the match, The Network used its 3-on-1 advantage against Rederick. Bruno Bernardo attacked Rederick from behind before Idol and Guinto swarmed in. Guinto delivered his destructive Gold Digger (his version of Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finisher) on Rederick. James “Idol” Martinez punctuated the attack with the Pay-In before the trio left Rederick down and out inside the ring. Mahaba got his first ever win in PWR, but it was evident he paid the price by getting a beatdown from The Network.


PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-el-trabajadoresEl Trabajadores: Uno and Dos are looking for a ‘W’


Beer Promdi vs El Trabajadores

The return of one of PWR’s most favorite superstar, Kanto Terror, was at the center of this tag team matchup. Mark D. Manalo and Uno start of the match to an impressive sequence of chain wrestling. Uno got the upperhand of MDM at a brief moment and tagged out to Dos. MDM took control of his masked opponent before he tagged out to Kanto Terror. The crowd gave KT a “welcome back” chant. The Siga from Barangay 69 laid a beatdown on Dos at the corner with some rapid chest chops and ended his assault with a hard headbutt. Dos kicked out of a 2 count after a Kanto Terror bulldog takedown. Dos gained advantage at one point of the match and from then on, the Trabajadores took control of the match. The masked workers truly worked on Kanto Terror with frequent tags and some high flying splashes. Kanto Terror, throughout that period, would struggle to try and suplex his opponents and reach for his elixir (a can of red horse) that might get him going. Kanto Terror eventually grabbed a hold of his drink and started to light up. He tried yet another suplex, but still couldn’t pull it off. KT did the next best thing and dropped Dos with a DDT. KT managed to get to his corner to make the HOT TAG~! to Mark D. Manalo. The promdi was on fire as he delivered his bionic elbow to his opponent. Mark D. Manalo made Dos eat a stunner. The ending saw Beer Promdi finish things off with Kanto Terror delivering his ‘Lakas Tama’ (rolling elbow) and MDM delivering his spear for the win.

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-beerpromdi-trabajadores-2Mark D. Manalo and Trabajador Dos shake hands

As a sign of sportsmanship, the Trabajadores shook the hands of the winning team and briefly celebrated with Beer Promdi inside the PWR ring.


PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-SandataSANDATA awaits his challenger

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-Sandata-apoc-1SANDATA and Apocalypse square off

Apocalypse vs SANDATA

Two of PWR’s masked competitors faced off in this match up as the formidable SANDATA fought against the deadly and enigmatic Apocalypse. SANDATA, who came off his first singles win at PWR Vendetta, looked to score win number 2 against PWR’s most dangerous competitor. SANDATA got the upperhand at the start of the match when he delivered some hard kicks to his opponent, who even though didn’t flinch from them, was not fighting back. Apocalypse would finally fight back as he caught SANDATA with a big boot to the face. The bigger man kept SANDATA grounded and started to focus on his arm. SANDATA valiantly fought back from Apocalypse’s onslaught, but Apocalypse stopped his momentum with another big boot to the face. SANDATA kicked out at 2 and slowly regained control of the match. SANDATA delivered a brutal assault of kicks across the chest of Apocalypse before he took him down with his headscissors takedown called Pabasag. Apocalypse would send SANDATA to the outside of the ring and would punish the latter. SANDATA was sent crashing to the steel steps by the bigger competitor. All of a sudden, Kanto Terror appeared ringside to confront Apocalypse. While Apocalypse was busy with Kanto Terror, the referee continued counting the big masked man from inside the ring. SANDATA rolled back in the ring just in time as the referee finally counted 10 to give the match his way. SANDATA won the match via count out and would continue his winning streak at ‘2’.

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-Sandata-apoc-2Apocalypse tries to deliver the Death Bell on SANDATA

PWR-Live-Manila-Madness-Results-Apoc-KTKanto Terror and Apocalypse face off

Apocalypse and Kanto Terror fought outside after the match. Kanto Terror would soon be pulled back by his Beer Promdi partner, Mark D. Manalo. The promdi dragged KT out of the ringside area, potentially saving him from another Apocalypse beatdown.


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